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Summer solstice: A sunny poem

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JUNE 20, 2017

Ah, summer solstice is finally here,

let us all gather around and cheer for the longest day of the year.

In our beloved Berkeley it’s often cloudy and gray,

so this new promise of warm sunshine has us all screaming hip-hip-hooray!

Solstice happens when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky,

but this often leaves us asking, why?

In all the chaos of our world, the earth keeps moving round and round,

yet we stay firmly on the ground.

This ancient holiday always turns into a party with an array of wine and juice,

and you better believe after the festivities we are left feeling rather loose.

This affair is the perfect time for some ice cream,

the perfect food to leave you with a shining gleam.

Now the question remains what are we to do?

We must fill this significant day with activities that will leave us saying “woo.”

Perhaps a sunset dinner up on Grizzly Peak,

but make sure you drive or else you might end up feeling rather weak.

Berkeley Marina will also boost a lovely view;

however, pee before you go because it lacks a loo.

A holiday like this also needs a good song,

and, it’s Berkeley, so for some perhaps a bong?

So grab you pals, male and female alike,

and go out in nature today and enjoy a nice sunset hike.

Gallop into the golden hour,

and perhaps this summer solstice you will find your inner power.

Peace, love, Clog, solstice.

Nichole Bloom is the blog editor. Contact Nichole Bloom at [email protected].

JUNE 20, 2017