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Taco Bell vs. La Burrita

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JUNE 15, 2017

As Berkeley students, we are constantly faced with difficult decisions: Main Stacks vs. Moffitt, RSF vs. Memorial Stadium, lecture vs. Netflix. If you’re someone like me, however, and often find yourself drunkenly spilling down Durant Avenue in pursuit of some late-night Mexican food, one of these rivalries trumps all. Taco Bell vs. La Burrita.

Personally, I’ve found this to be quite a polarizing subject. Sometimes I think I’d rather be discussing politics with my self-proclaimed “socially conservative” uncle than have a friend drunkenly lecture me about La Ba’s authenticity fives hours before an 8 a.m.

Despite people’s strong opinions, however, there are some objective truths to consider when deciding between the two. To help you make this decision and not incite a riot in the process, here are some blunt truths to consider when choosing between Taco Bell and La Burrita:

1. La Burrita is more expensive. While a traditional shredded chicken burrito is $6.79 at La Ba, it’s only a saucy $1.99 at T-Bell. Sure, the chicken will only be about 88 percent actual chicken, but think about what you can do with frickin’ extra $5. Like buy two more burritos (NPR.org).

2. Taco Bell serves alcohol. La Burrita does not. There’s no real counter-argument to this one. I don’t know how shwasted you’re looking to get in a place that shoots sour cream out of a caulking gun, but hey, you do you.

3. La Burrita gives you free chips. And salsa. If you have a mildly long distance to walk before eating, free chips and salsa are actually a huge deciding factor. It really can make the difference between enjoying the rest of your meal in the comfort of your home or on the curb leaning against a trash can.

4. Taco Bell causes diarrhea and depression. Again, strictly stating the facts. Taco Bell might be fantastic at the time, but no one has ever gone the following day after pigging out at T-Bell, and not regretted the decision. Do not take this one lightly.

5. You’re probably gonna pick the one with the shorter line, anyway, so just do that. That’s fair too.

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JUNE 15, 2017