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Hometown Shoutout: Fremont, CA

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MAY 29, 2017

At first glance, Fremont looks like your typical white-collar Silicon Valley suburb stocked to the brim with techies at the end of the BART line.

It is.

But there’s so much more to Fremont than meets the eye, like the great assortment of food, things to do, culture and … yeah.

For starters, you can find great eats from all corners of the world, from Chinese food to Applebee’s.  If you like Mediterranean with a Western twist, check out Zorba’s Deli Café located in the Warm Springs Plaza. We also have Sala Thai (1 and 2) which has some sweet Pad Thai and curries. If Indian food is up your alley, there are tons of restaurants (WITH BUFFETS!!!) to choose from, like Sakoon, Chaat Bhavan, Dosa Place, Pakwan, Tandoori N Curry and Shalimar (and that’s just scraping the surface). And if all you crave is some good ol’ fashioned Olive Garden with a great gelato place to accompany it (Gelato Classico), we have that too.

Despite the global assortment of cuisines, Fremont is more well known for is its quaint nature getaways. Mission Peak, the most popular, is a 2,000-foot mountain that makes for a great day hike and cow patty scavenger hunt. Just make sure you don’t park in the surrounding neighborhoods or you’ll get a hefty parking ticket and no one likes those. There’s also Lake Elizabeth, a man-made lake with a surrounding park that’s a nice place for walks, biking and paddle boating. Plus, there’s a built in waterpark, Aqua Adventure, open May to September (it’s no Six Flags, but it’s not too bad).

Historic Fremont doesn’t disappoint, with the adorable Ardenwood Farms complete with old-timey houses, educational shops, centers for kids and cute AF animals. Be sure to check out our 1797 mission (Mission San Jose) smack in the middle of the neighborhood. There’s a McDonald’s not too far away incase you get hungry.

The Niles District is also a must-see, with darling antique shops and the Essanay Silent Film Theater. The theater/museum is dedicated to silent-film superstars such as Charlie Chaplin, who screened his famous movie “The Tramp” right here on the hills of Fremont.

Fremont also happens to be home to great schools, such as Warm Springs and Weibel Elementary, Hopkins and Horner Junior High, and Irvington and Mission San Jose High School (all with overachieving students vying for a spot at UC Berkeley).

As much of a basic town Fremont is, it’s top-notch, grade-A basic. And it’s where part of “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini was set (Brownie points!). Bustling, but with plenty of green, rolling hills (literally the old Windows background), not to mention rad farmers markets, it’s a great place to stop by for a visit.

So, if anyone is ever in town, be sure give ya girl a greet.

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MAY 29, 2017