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What freshman should do with their extra meal points

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MAY 09, 2017

As a mere freshman, it’s easy to get trapped in the endless, and expensive, cycle of going to Asian Ghetto, Artichoke’s and CREAM throughout the semester. Yet, now that the school year is coming to an end, many freshman still have meal points (potentially even hundreds of meal points) left over. What should be done with these points? We at the Clog have a few ideas to save your points, and in turn your money, from going to waste.

Buy Christmas presents for next year, and maybe even the year after that.

If you have hundreds of meal points left over, stop by the Den and buy that bougie French press your Mom’s been wanting for Christmas for four years. It’s expensive, so it’ll get rid of a good amount of points, and you won’t have to stress during first semester of next year to find the perfect gift for your mom.

Donate food.

Buy a bunch of sealed food items from the Unit 3’s Bear Market and donate them.

Skip dinner every night and go to late night instead.

Because we all know late night is life.

Swipe all of your upperclassman friends into late night.

Late night’s chocolate chip pancakes are a gift sent from heaven, and your older friends will do anything for you if you swipe them in.

Treat yourself to a Naked Juice daily – maybe even twice a day depending on the necessity.

When you’re just starting the school year, you want to conserve meal points and not spend them on insanely over-priced juices. But now you literally have nothing to lose – except your meal points. Treat yourself in style and buy a Naked Juice each day for the rest of the semester. Casually and coolly sip it on your way to class.

These are just a few tips on how to spend your extra meal points. Although these are just some suggestions, make sure to take notes. You’d be making a lot of people, and yourself, happy if you followed even just a couple of these pointers!

Avanti Mehrotra is the assistant blog editor. Contact Avanti Mehrotra at [email protected].

MAY 09, 2017