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Power ranking: How much of a pain is your major?

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APRIL 28, 2017

There’s no doubt that all majors at UC Berkeley are a ton of work, but it’s also no secret that some majors have a heavier course load than others. To track down how much sh*t you have to do for your major, we’ve gathered the top five most popular majors here at UC Berkeley — MCB, political science, economics, psychology, and English – and have ranked their workload by the following criteria: amount of lower division prerequisites before major declaration and average GPA of required classes.


Amount of undergraduate prerequisites: 9/10. MCB has nine lower-div prerequisites, which is pretty excessive. RIP to MCB majors.

Average GPA of required classes: 9/10. The average GPA is a relatively low 2.82.

Total: 18/20.


Amount of undergraduate prerequisites: 7.5/10. Econ has seven prerequisites, which is a slight bummer for Econ majors.

Average GPA of required classes: 6/10. The average GPA is a reasonable 3.32 for Haas rejects Econ majors.

Total: 13.5/20.

Political Science

Amount of undergraduate prerequisites: 5/10. Honestly, having only three prerequisites sounds like a pretty good time.  

Average GPA of required classes: 8/10. The average GPA is a 3.17, which will pretty much screw over your chances for law school.

Total: 13/20.


Amount of undergraduate prerequisites: 8.5/10. Psychology majors have eight prerequisites for their major, which seems like cruel and unusual punishment.

Average GPA of required classes: 4/10. With the average GPA being a 3.33, psych majors have a better shot at making the GPA cutoff for med school than their MCB peers.

Total: 12.5/20.


Amount of undergraduate prerequisites: 5/10. English only has three undergraduate prerequisites (only counting 45A, 45B, and 45C — the rest can be upper division).

Average GPA of required classes: 4/10.  The average GPA is a 3.33, which will help those English majors who have their eye on law school.

Total: 9/20.

There you have it: MCB majors have it pretty rough, while English majors might have a slightly easier ride. In any case, UC Berkeley’s notoriously difficult and so, regardless of your major, know that we’re all screwed together.

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APRIL 28, 2017