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13 reasons why you should take Bear Transit

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Alex Mousouris/Staff


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APRIL 25, 2017

There are 13 tapes made for each of the 13 reasons you should take Bear Transit.

1. You don’t have to walk up treacherous hills to class or back home.

Let’s be real: after a long day of class, who really wants to be walking up a hill in the beating sun? Instead, just hitch a ride on the transit line that’ll take you right home. Who needs 13 reasons why when you’ve got this excuse?

2. The seats are comfy enough to doze off in.

Comfy seat > no seat at all (because you’re walking).

3. You can make new friends on Bear Transit.

The best part about taking Bear Transit is all of the people you get to know while waiting for your stop. Even if you never see them again, it’s fun to have a conversation with someone new.

4. It’s funny to people-watch.

It’s so funny to take Bear Transit because, since the windows are tinted, people outside can’t really see you staring at them. You can totally get a hilarious view of people and observe UC Berkeley students in their natural habitats.

5. You can get a tour of Downtown Berkeley.

We love that Bear Transit only travels clockwise around campus because it allows you to go totally out of your way and get a glimpse of Downtown Berkeley. It’s a great way to spot cool new restaurants or shops popping up as well!

6. You don’t have to walk home alone at night.

Instead of risking the run to your apartment, just take Bear Transit. Especially if you live in the dorms, the nighttime line practically takes you to your doorstep. So safe and easy!

7. It’s free.

There’s nothing to lose, honestly (unless you lose you Cal ID or something).

8. It’s fun to pull the cool cord that signals your stop.

Honestly, pulling on the request string to a stop is a BLAST. It’s hard not to feel like the coolest while pulling this thing. Then, you just waltz off the bus as everyone gawks in awe at your awesomeness.

9. You can easily creep on other people’s conversations.

If making new friends and having conversations on the bus isn’t up your alley, then why not listen to other people’s conversations? We promise, its super entertaining. I mean, who doesn’t want to hear about how Sarah’s Tinder date was? (It went poorly, in case you were wondering.)

10. You can read a book or finish up some homework.

Taking Bear Transit is a great way to multitask and scramble to finish any last bits of homework minutes before class.

11. Our tuition pays for it.

Come on, you’ve got to take advantage of what the University provides us with (or what we provide them with?).

12. You can bond with the bus drivers.

We’re sure that the bus drivers must have some interesting stories to tell, seeing how they’re driving around a bunch of crazy UC Berkeley students. If they’re up to have a conversation, ask them about some funny tales they may have about your fellow Bears. Don’t forget to say thank you before you get off as well!

13. You can watch “13 Reasons Why” while heading to your destination.

Or not. We hear this show kind of sucks.

If these aren’t enough reasons for you, we don’t know what to tell you. Just walk home.

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APRIL 24, 2017