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Decoding your UC Berkeley dreams and nightmares

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APRIL 24, 2017

When you close your eyes and drift away, do you ever dream of UC Berkeley? Most college students are haunted by those reoccurring nightmares of forgetting Phase I registration or sleeping through finals, but what do they really mean? We at the Clog have decided to weigh in on what these dreams and nightmares are subconsciously saying.

You slept through your Phase I registration

This nightmare is truly terrifying, but it was even more frightening back in the day when you could only register for classes in your hourlong time slot. Therefore, this dream probably means a) you’re a junior at UC Berkeley or above, b) you’re experiencing stress and anxiety about being able to graduate on time or c) you’re a little overwhelmed with life right now and you need to take a breather because the stress is overflowing into your dreams.

You get into that prestigious club or major you’ve been working for

This is a classic UC Berkeley good dream. Considering that nothing is easy to get into at UC Berkeley, most people have probably had this one. Whether it’s a dream that you got into Haas, UC Berkeley’s Consulting Club or the volleyball team you tried out for, you’re bound to wake up disappointed realizing this dream isn’t a reality.

You’re naked on Sproul Plaza

This one’s a doozey! In your dream, you’re walking through Sproul Plaza and realize you don’t have any clothes on. But, it’s not until you reach Sather Gate that you make this horrifying discovery. Once underneath the green arch of embarrassment, everyone points and laughs at you, and your face becomes numb with embarrassment. This dream probably means that you are hiding a secret from everyone and you’re scared it may be revealed!

You score the winning touchdown at the Big Game

It’s the last quarter of the Big Game, and we’re tied with the tree people (aka Stanford). You make a touchdown in the last few seconds, and we win the game! Just like in the movies, the whole school storms the field and carries you on their shoulders to celebrate the victory. Then you wake up on your top bunk in Unit 3, no longer a superstar. Chances are you’re aching for success but keep falling just a little too short.

UC Berkeley dreams can be both terrifying and exciting, but you can make those dreams come true! Even so, try to avoid those nightmares, because no one wants to be in their birthday suit on Sproul Plaza.

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APRIL 23, 2017