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Best classes to go to blazed AF

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APRIL 20, 2017

If you’ve already finished “Planet Earth II,” then you’re probably looking for the next mind-blowing show to watch as you slip into a THC-induced stupor. Shows will be always be on Netflix, but meanwhile there are live lectures being given by some of the greatest minds of our time. Attending a lecture can be like watching a TED talk, given you go to the right class at the right time. Next time you take a rip, try attending one these classes to learn something that will really make you say, “Whoa, dude.”

Astronomy C12: The Planets

Getting spacey is a guaranteed good time while high, and this class is the most enticing astronomy course that doesn’t require more than a basic understanding of physics. The course description asks questions like, “How do planets form, and what are they made of?” and “Why do some bizarre moons have oceans, volcanoes and ice floes?” Minimal math and volcano moons make this a premier class to get your head in the sky.

Latin 119: Latin Epic

Never mind that you likely won’t understand a word that’s being spoken — listening to a dead language in its most prestigious form is an honor. Hear Virgil the way it was originally intended and feel connected to the past in a more distinguished and confusing way than ever before.

Political Science 124C: Ethics and Justice in International Affairs

This class asks the kind of questions that can keep your thoughts floating through your head for hours — “Who do we believe we have an obligation to: Ourselves? Nationals of our country? Residents of our country? Everyone in the world equally?” Attend the lecture to struggle with your moral rectitude and maybe develop your own conspiracy theory.

Music 43: Introduction to Improvisation

Music and marijuana are such perfect complements that Amoeba now has a license to sell weed. A music class is a no-brainer to attend after hitting a bowl. Intro to Improvisation is the ideal choice because showing up to class unprepared is the whole point. Class activities consist of “improvisation exercises and games,” so get ready to be put on the spot.

Life Skills: Intro to Baking

No DeCal is better suited for a stoner than Intro to Baking. Baked goods abound, and chances are they’ve made more than they can consume. A lecture that satisfies your munchies is a lecture worth attending.

It’s time to swap out that couch for a folding chair with an oddly-shaped collapsible desk. Lectures are the new “Cosmos” and there are new episodes everyday.

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APRIL 20, 2017