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Nostalgia ultra: spring break edition

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APRIL 11, 2017

One of the most crushing feelings in a UC Berkeley student’s college journey is the first day back from spring break. Spring break is a momentary week of immense happiness, filled with traveling and time with friends and actual sleep. And in just one day, it’s all over. Many UC Berkeley students even have midterms, quizzes or homework due on the first day back, and it’s such an abrupt change that it takes several days to recuperate and adjust. It’s really just a rough time.

But we here at the Clog have determined five really spectacular ways to pretend it’s still spring break.

Look at all your pictures from spring break

Looking at all your pictures will make you remember how much fun you had over spring break and how the next time you’ll be able to live like that is over summer. It’ll make you so so happy inside, and will make studying for hours so much easier — you’ll see!

Make a list of everything you have to do between now and the end of the semester

You’ll realize just how much stands between you and summer, and it’ll make your outlook on life so much more positive. You have four finals, three projects, 10 club meetings, hundreds of hours at work, etc. What could be better than stressing yourself out even more than you already are?

Don’t do any of your work

Spring break forever! There’s really no reason to do your work, because there’s only a month until summer. So, sit back, relax and let it all happen. No need to work hard because summer is so close!

Live vicariously through people who have spring break a week after you

There’s no better way to deal with the crushing defeat of the first day back from break than to pretend it doesn’t exist. Just scroll through your friends’ pictures on Instagram or Facebook and pretend you’re there. Because you are — that’s really possible!

Check bCourses

Dealing with the end of spring break blues means checking bCourses because it’s so much fun! There are so many interesting assignments and readings on there that it’ll be sure to make you smile. Oh, and you can check the current status of your grades in all your classes, so that’ll be great too.

Good luck to you, Bears! We’ll get through these last never-ending five weeks together.

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APRIL 11, 2017