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7 ways to overcome the post-break slump

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APRIL 10, 2017

Spring break came and went. With that fun-packed week now behind us, how can we possibly go back to our routine of lectures, homework and club meetings? No need to fear, we at the Clog are here to help you get through that post-spring break depression so you can get back on track before finals come around.

Adjust the f*ck out of your sleep schedule

Part of the glory of spring break (and all other breaks, for that matter) is that you can stay up late and sleep in. This works fine during break, but it’ll leave you wrecked when you attempt to wake up for an 8 a.m. after beginning your slumber post-4 a.m. Step one on your trip back to normalcy should be trying to wake up before noon and going to bed before 2 a.m.

Get back on your gym routine

We at the Clog have a love/hate relationship with exercise, but there’s no doubt about its importance. Another step toward overcoming the post-break blues is getting in that regular exercise that you didn’t quite get to over break.

Start the countdown to last the last day of school

School is ending in a little more than a month, which should be enough incentive for you to at least complete all of your obligations. Knowing that summer is just around the corner gives you the peace of mind that you only need to get yourself sorted for six more weeks.

Buy a new summer wardrobe

Shopping your days away is an excellent way to distract yourself from the torturous process of break ending. Trust us. Buy yourself something nice.

Get a massage or something

Do something relaxing to de-stress from premature finals anxiety and get your mind in a good place.

Eat healthy

This is such an underrated part of getting back to business. Detoxify your system from all the chips, candy and alcohol. It’ll help you feel just a little less shitty.

Watch some good Netflix  

Netflix is one of the best inventions of the 21st century, and using it to escape some of the stress of classes here at Berkeley is always a good idea.

There you have it! Follow this advice and we’re sure you’ll have a successful transition from break mode to school mode. Whether it’s adjusting your sleep habits or rewarding yourself with some Netflix, we at the Clog hope you’ll have a smooth transition from the leisure of vacation to the drudgery of school.

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APRIL 10, 2017