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Power ranking: expensive coffees in Berkeley

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MARCH 20, 2017

“Gentrification” was the buzzword of 2016, and it has since died a slow death. Does this mean that we have lost the war on displacement? Do we now have to accept the price of a $5 almond milk chai latte? We at the Clog say “No!” Here are some expensive coffees in Berkeley — we hope you will find a way to avoid these wallet-suckers and put two fingers up to gentrification once and for all.


Alice Langford/Staff

Coffee: 4/10. Burnt coffee because the milk is always too hot; people have been known to put ice in their cappuccinos.

Price: 8/10. While they have no prices online for their coffees, we at the Clog have had a cappuccino for $3.50 with tax, which is quite alright with us. But we have paid around $5 for an almond milk chai latte, which includes the $1 extra charge for a different type of milk when it’s $0.50 at most other places.

Atmosphere: 4/10. You will be surrounded by stressed grad students, but the playlists are always lit.

Total: 16/30. A score as weak as its coffee.


Alice Langford/Staff

Coffee: 8/10. The coffee is good, and you might be able to meet a hot scientist in the long-ass queue.

Price: 8/10. $2.70 for a single cappuccino and $3.15 for a double — very reasonably priced for a normal-sized drink.

Atmosphere: 7/10. An eco-friendly café with good service but never any space to study unless you get there before 9 a.m. Beware of the horrendous queue around Berkeley time.

Total: 23/30


Rachael Garner / File

Coffee: 5/10. They only serve drip coffee; it tastes good, but don’t add milk — you’ll get judged.

Price: 4/10. $3.75 for just a drip coffee!! It also only serve drip coffee, so if you want an espresso drink, you’re shit out of luck here.

Atmosphere: 9/10. Good service, but very pretentious. Great place for a Tinder date. Pretty dark.

Total: 18/30

Blue Bottle

Jasmany Flores / File

Coffee: 10/10. It’s delicious.

Price: 1/10. Does what it says on the tin (or the blue bottle), just be prepared to pay an arm and a leg for a dollar per sip. $4.25 for a cappuccino that makes your hand look big.

Atmosphere: 5/10. Good minimalistic, classic hipster joint – expect every server to have a septum piercing or tattoo sleeve. No Wi-Fi.

Total: 16/30

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MARCH 20, 2017