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Quiz: Should you put your dorm room on Airbnb?

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FEBRUARY 21, 2017

Are you strapped for cash? Are your roommates out of town for the weekend? Are you fine with strangers rifling through your stuff? If so, we at the Clog have a suggestion for you — put your dorm on Airbnb! Take this quiz to find out if renting out your room is the right choice for you this weekend.


  1. How many beds are in your room?
    1. Three, but they’re bunk beds and a loft.
    2. Two. Doubles rule!
    3. Three and a couch.
    4. Just one! My roommate swears that sleeping on the floor helps their back.
  2. Where is your dorm?
    1. Foothill.
    2. Clark Kerr Campus.
    3. Unit 1.
    4. Unit 3.
  3. Can you find another place to stay?
    1. Yeah, I was planning on staying with my significant other this weekend anyway.
    2. It’s midterm season. I wouldn’t be sleeping even if I was at home.
    3. I was hoping to stay in the room with my guests.
    4. Isn’t that what the co-ops are for?
  4. Are you going to tell your roommate(s)?
    1. Absolutely …  not! They tend to be a little bit uptight.
    2. They came up with the idea.
    3. Yes. Honesty is the key to a good roommate relationship.
    4. Not until after it happens. I’ll split the profits with them, though.
  5. How chill is your RA?
    1. My RA has no chill, unfortunately. I’d be caught immediately.
    2. I have no idea if my RA is chill, because I never see them on my floor.
    3. I actually hang out with my RA all the time! They’re super chill.
    4. Normally, my RA is pretty strict, but I know they’ll be out of town this weekend.
    1. Absolutely! If you’re down for a little bit of illegal subletting, go right ahead and post your room on Airbnb. With such capitalistic instincts, you should apply to Haas School of Business.
    2. No way! Are you kidding yourself? Why would you put your dorm on Airbnb? You’d never get away with it anyway.


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FEBRUARY 20, 2017