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5 ways to spruce up your ramen

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FEBRUARY 17, 2017

As broke, hungry and busy college kids, we all know the struggle of trying to feed ourselves without breaking the bank. That’s probably why ramen was invented. And yeah, ramen might be decent tasting and all for the first few weeks or so, but those same super-salty, monotonous beef and chicken soup flavor packets can really get old. But have no fear, because the Clog is here today to share some genius ways to spruce up your ramen and bring some excitement back to your mealtime.

1. Add condiments to your ramen.
After your noodles are cooked, add in some condiments — any condiments — to your soup base to elevate and heighten the flavor profiles of your one-note, simple soup. You can introduce anything from miso paste and chili bean sauce to fish sauce and harrisa. You could even add ketchup and mustard if you wanted (this does not mean that it’s a good idea, however). Ultimately, the additional flavors are sure to add some intrigue to that boring, routine old ramen.

2. Add spices, fats and citrus juices to your ramen.
Spices such as white pepper, black pepper and chili flakes are all great for boosting the flavors in your cup of noodles. Fats such as sesame oil, chili oil or even lard can add an amazing element of flavor to your bowl as well. For the finishing touch, add some lime juice or lemon juice for a bright, tangy note.

3. Add some leafy green veggies to your ramen.
You could really add any vegetable to your ramen to boost the nutritional aspect of the meal. The addition of vegetables also brings an interesting blend of textures and flavors to your ramen, saving you from the boredom of continuously slurping soggy, stringy noodles. Don’t know where to start? Start by adding veggies such as bok choy, spinach and bean sprouts!

4. Add an egg to your ramen.
A soft-boiled egg, to be exact. When you cut into that perfect soft-boiled egg, the golden, flowy yolk just oozes out into your ramen, bringing a richness to the soup that cannot be replaced by anything else. The tender, bouncy texture of the egg white is a welcome change from the noodles. Basically, the TL;DR is that adding an egg will bring your ramen to a whole new level.

5. Add some meat to your ramen.
You can add anything from turkey slices to fried hunks of spam. The extra protein will definitely add a boost of heartiness to your noodles and make your meal just that much better than the average bowl of college ramen.

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FEBRUARY 16, 2017