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In-between weather essentials

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FEBRUARY 08, 2017

For those of you new to NorCal, the current weather may be confusing to you. One day, it’s hot and sunny, the next, rainy and windy. We at the Clog consider ourselves Berkeley weather experts, and thus we have put together this list of weird-weather essentials. Keep these items in your backpack, and we guarantee that you’ll be prepared for any weather situation.

An umbrella

You may think this item seems obvious, given the fact that it often rains in Berkeley. However, we at the Clog recommend an umbrella as a form of transportation: open it up to catch the breeze, and drift down the hill to class.

An inflatable raft

On days when the rain won’t stop falling and the gutters are swiftly overflowing, an inflatable raft is the perfect solution. Hop in and float on down to class on a rainy day. This vessel will not only provide rapid transportation but also can help keep your feet dry. Don’t forget the paddle!


Some days start dreary and cloudy, but by midday the sun breaks through and the temperature rises. On these days, spare shoes come in handy to transform rainy-day styles. While you’re at it, you may as well pack up an entire outfit change, just in case.

A large tarp

A large, waterproof tarp can be one of the most versatile items in your backpack. On suddenly rainy days, wrap yourself in the tarp to stay nice and dry! Conversely, the tarp can also be employed on sunny days as a picnic blanket for spontaneous Memorial Glade lunches.


When it heats up fast, sometimes you can be completely surprised. If you don’t have any of the other warm-weather essentials (an entirely new outfit, the tarp, etc.), a simple pair of scissors is all you need. Just cut everything you’re wearing shorter. Wearing jeans? Pause for a second and whip up some custom Daisy Dukes. Sporting a sweater? Slice the sleeves off and crop it for that transitional look. Finally, if you have long hair, give yourself a quick haircut to get your layers off your neck.

While the next few months may be a guessing game in terms of the weather, this list will make sure you’re prepared for anything. Shine on, Bears!

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FEBRUARY 08, 2017