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Inauguration Day: 15 things to do

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JANUARY 19, 2017

This is it guys. On Friday, January 20th, our 45th president will be sworn into office and handed the keys to the country (thanks President Obama). While some may be celebrating this day and planning on tuning into the event, others may not share the same excitement. If you’re one of those disenchanted folks, and decide to fill up your time in other ways, we at the Clog have compiled a list of fifteen things to do instead of watching the inauguration.

  1. Go for a relaxing hike. Trust us, it’ll help you destress.
  2. Volunteer for a cause close to your heart.
  3. Hit up your local theater and see an inspirational movie.
  4. Watch funny cat videos on YouTube — nothing like some comedy to brighten up your day.
  5. Head to local Inauguration Day events in the Bay Area.
  6. Treat yourself and have a spa day. Face masks, a bubble bath — the works.
  7. Take a nap. Just sleep through it.
  8. Cozy up with a coffee and read a book.
  9. Make a lavish lunch to share with your friends.
  10. Binge-watch a new show.
  11. Reminisce and reflect on the crazy election.
  12. Head to a museum. It’s always important to remind ourselves of history.
  13. Take a walk around campus and listen to some music.
  14. Actually keep up with your New Year’s resolutions (at least you can say you tried).
  15. Read up on your rights because, why not?

Whether you partake or not in watching the Inauguration ceremony, we at the Clog hope you have an inspired and hopeful day nonetheless.

Kirsty Fowler is the assistant blog editor. Contact Kirsty Fowler at [email protected].

JANUARY 19, 2017