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Put your butt in these places

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DECEMBER 06, 2016

Eating, scrolling through memes and pooping — all the best parts of life are done sitting down. It also means you aren’t standing, jogging or doing anything else that could be considered exercise. The fold-out chairs of lecture halls are decent enough, but not all seats are created equal. Some people have taken the time to craft exceptional seats for your sitting pleasure, and we at the Clog have taken the time to compile and rank those seats based on ergonomics, comfort and availability. Of all the seats on campus, you should put your butt in these ones.

Blue chairs at Doe Library in the Heyns Reading Room

Ryan Melvin/Staff
Ryan Melvin/Staff

These are some of the most reliable sitting options on campus. The tall back and side panels mean you’ll never be without a comfortable headrest. However, the overall comfort of these chairs is questionable, as  the cushions have a little too much sink. Also, of all the seats on this list, they are the most prone to making fart noises. There are several of these chairs scattered through the building, but at peak library times it’s a challenge to find an empty seat.

Ergonomics: 9/10

Comfort: 5/10

Availability: 3/10

Total: 17/30

Blue Couch in the BIDS Center

Ryan Melvin/Staff
Ryan Melvin/Staff

Located in the lounge area of the BIDS center, this blue couch is truly a hidden gem. Its arm rests are the perfect height, but the back of the couch could be a little taller. The cushions are really where this seat shines. The blue cushions are firm yet forgiving, and they’re removable so you can arrange them however you’d like. This little known couch is almost always empty, so you won’t have to worry about your favorite seat being taken.

Ergonomics: 7/10

Comfort: 9/10

Availability: 10/10

Total: 26/30

Albert Einstein Bench

Ryan Melvin/Staff
Ryan Melvin/Staff

The comfort of this bench varies widely based on your perception of Albert Einstein. If you find comfort in his cold, brass arms, then this bench will serve you well. However, we found that his lifeless gaze is actually quite unsettling. The ergonomics aren’t great either, since aside from Albert Einstein, it’s just a metal bench. The good news is this seat is rarely occupied, considering most people can only bear to sit next to Einstein’s likeness for a few awkward minutes. If you’re one of those people, you can find this bench at the entrance to Doe Library.

Ergonomics: 1/10

Comfort: 3/10*

Availability: 10/10

Total: 14/30

*subject to change based on your personal views of Einstein.

Fancy Couch at Morrison Library

Ryan Melvin/Staff
Ryan Melvin/Staff

This couch is lengthy, so you’ll be able to stretch out, but the armrests are too high and the back is too low. While the couch itself is only moderately comfortable, the setting adds several points of comfort. The rooms feels like a library plucked out of a mansion in 16th century England, and royalty in 16th century England lived extremely comfortably. This couch allows you to indulge in some of their comforts, but at the cost of limited availability. It seems everyone is trying to live the life of old English aristocrats.

Ergonomics: 6/10

Comfort: 8/10

Availability: 4/10

Total: 18/30

Nap Pods

Ryan Melvin/Staff
Ryan Melvin/Staff

The final and most obvious place to take a seat is in one of several nap pods located across campus. These pods allow the user to recline underneath a privacy shield. There is even ambient lighting and a music feature. The only drawback about the comfort of these pods is that they are too comfortable, potentially causing you to miss class. Also, because they are so unbelievably comfortable, it’s no secret they exist. Finding an empty nap pod is like playing lottery scratchers — you might win every once in a while, but it probably wasn’t worth your time.

Ergonomics: 10/10

Comfort: 10/10

Availability: 1/10

Total: 21/30

Sitting is one of the great joys of life. Don’t sell yourself short by sitting in a sub-standard chair when Berkeley has so many other incredible chairs to offer, including some that have yet to be discovered. Sitting is already great, but now it can be so much better.

Contact Ryan Melvin at [email protected].

DECEMBER 06, 2016