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Quiz: Which part of California are you?

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NOVEMBER 22, 2016

From the blue skies to the rows of skinny palm trees, California truly is the best state in the country. But have you ever wondered which part of California you associate with most? Are you the plastic bag floating through the wind? We at the Clog made this quiz to answer these burning questions you’ve had since birth.


  1. What can you be found doing on a Saturday night?
    1. Coding
    2. Probably partying or forgetting the fact that I’m partying
    3. Hanging out with a few friends in a low key setting
    4. Watching “Black Mirror”
  2. What is your dream job?
    1. Working at Google or a think tank
    2. Working with marine animals
    3. Skydiving instructor
    4. Being a freelance writer/photographer
  3. Where are you from?
    1. Bay Area
    2. Somewhere in Southern California
    3. Out of state
    4. The womb
  4. What television show do you watch the most?
    1. I don’t watch television often.
    2. “Californication”
    3. “Friends”
    4. “House of Cards”
  5. What is your favorite season?
    1. Winter
    2. Spring
    3. Summer
    4. Fall
  6. Favorite decade?
    1. Right now
    2. The 2000s
    3. The 90s
    4. Prohibition
  7. What is your favorite class?
    1. Anything science related
    2. Any ESPM class
    3. Any AC class
    4. I don’t go to class
    1. You’re Silicon Valley in human form. You’re practically a machine, unstoppable and ambitious. You probably regularly post about computer science memes on UC Berkeley Memes for Edgy Teens, and you can be seen coding late into the nights. You even have a tan from your computer screen at this point.
    2. You’re the California blue skies. You’re a happy-go-lucky type of person, and there are few sad days in your week. Everyone around you loves you, and you’re a constant in people’s lives as well as your own. You probably even order the same thing at a restaurant every time.
    3. You’re the California sunshine. You’re happy nearly all of the time, but mostly you make other people happy. Sometimes, your personality is a little too bright for some people, but you make up for it by being super hot.
    4. You’re a palm tree. You might have been lanky at some point in your past, but currently you’re just going with the flow and trying to survive this drought (or finals season, but at this point they’re both basically the same amount of deadly).


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NOVEMBER 23, 2016