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A full day of eating using only meal points

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NOVEMBER 22, 2016

As the number of days left in the fall semester dwindles down, many of us are realizing that the amount of cash left in our wallets is also getting dangerously low. On the contrary, our meal point balance may be just a bit too high, because let’s face it, dining hall food just isn’t as tasty as that delicious pad thai from Thai Basil. But have no fear, for the Clog’s here today to share a full day of eating using only your meal points without hitting the dining halls.


While many of us may opt to skip breakfast in an effort to save money or even get to class on time, this meal’s actually one of the most important parts of the day. Not only will it jumpstart your metabolism for the day, it will also give you that early morning boost of energy and help your brain function better during all your classes. The Golden Bear Cafe is the perfect place for you to grab a quick bite on your way to classes. With a wide selection of blended fruit smoothies, breakfast burritos and fruit cups, you’ll be sure to find something to both satisfy those early morning cravings and give you the energy kick necessary to function for the rest of the day.


After a few classes in the morning, it’s time to replenish your energy so we can make it through the rest of the day. If you’re near Durant and Telegraph avenues — or better yet, Unit 3 — hit up Bear Market for various noms, including but not limited to sushi, pre-made sandwiches and pints of ice cream (don’t tell your mom). If you’re near Sproul Plaza, make a quick stop at the GBC again and check out their wide selection of soups, salads, wraps, tacos and even burritos.


Purchase snacks to your heart’s content whenever you’re by either Bear Market or Cub Market. These retail locations sell everything from gummy candies and Cup Noodles to Ben and Jerry’s and Kettle chips. Just make sure to sneakily throw away the receipt so your parents don’t find out what you’re buying with your meal points.


Depending on when you like to eat your dinner, there are a variety of options. GBC closes at 8 p.m., but it’ll often run out of basic things such as lettuce or crispy noodles long before this time because of an imbalance of supply and demand. So either make sure to grab dinner really early to ensure you get what you want at the GBC, or just settle for some frozen meals at Bear Market or Cub Market. You’ll be surprised to find that the frozen food offerings are actually quite extensive, from vegetable pot pies and lasagna to burritos and mini pizzas.

Alternatively, if you don’t enjoy microwaving frozen meals or don’t have access to a microwave (although GBC does have one), opt for the Den, where you’ll find a steady source of chili, smoothies and even personal-sized, freshly baked pizzas.

Hopefully, we’ve eased your financial stress with these meal suggestions. Now, go out and nourish your body, because you need food to keep yourself alive.

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NOVEMBER 22, 2016