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Tabs to keep open when registering for classes on CalCentral

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NOVEMBER 16, 2016

It’s that time of year again when poor, anxious souls are trying to figure out their lives so they can choose the perfect class schedule for spring semester. It’s a very stressful time indeed, as many feel the intense pressure of selecting the classes that have the potential to put them on paths that could make or break their future careers. The process is long, tedious and frustrating, as glitches on CalCentral hinder even our best efforts to craft the perfect class schedule. Don’t fear, don’t cry and don’t cower in the face of this monstrosity of a challenge, for the Clog’s here to absolve you of your anxieties by offering a few tips on which tabs to keep open while registering for classes.

1. Berkeleytime

Berkeleytime‘s a must-have tab when dealing with the numerous class choices that appear before you when it comes time to enroll in classes. Berkeleytime allows you to compare the grade distributions for different professors, semesters and classes neatly and clearly on a well organized, color-coded graph. Looking for an easy A? Your research ends with Berkeleytime.

2. RateMyProfessor

Are you wondering what type of person is teaching biochemistry next semester? Are you wondering what past students think of a certain professor? If your answer to any of those questions is “yes,” then RateMyProfessor is the site for you. It offers valuable insight into the teaching style of the professor and the rigor of the course.

3. Schedule Planner

It’s difficult to keep track of all pesky little lab times, discussion times, lecture times and even lab lecture times as you register for classes on CalCentral. So plan out your class schedule using CalCentral’s Schedule Planner tool before enrolling. It’ll save you a lot of heartache, pain and the frustration you’ll feel when you see that annoying notification telling you that you can’t enroll in a class because you’re double-enrolled.

4. Spring 2017 Schedule of Courses

Berkeley offers a website where you can search through all the courses being offered in any given semester. Take a look at what’s being offered in Spring 2017. You’ll be able to search classes by course number or by department. If you’re looking to take a fun class in a department you’ve yet to explore, this is the perfect way to learn about all this campus has to offer.

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NOVEMBER 16, 2016