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Professors: looking to connect just like us

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OCTOBER 27, 2016

On a campus where relevance is of the utmost importance, often times even our educators participate in the quest to be culturally adept. Though we attend the number one public university in the world, our professors are still mortal (with a few exceptions of course), and try to connect with us and stay young.

It’s easy to put our teachers on a pedestal. The majority of the semester we hold these individuals in high esteem, yet in the midst of midterms we let our stress get the best of us, and we start to harbor some resentment against them. But more times than not, our professors don’t intend to impose academic misery upon us, but rather strive to connect with us. Without further ado, here are some ways Berkeley’s world-class experts might be trying to tickle your fancy.

The wifi

The most unstable force in this community, besides Chancellors Dirks’ job, of course, is that of AirBears2. Since almost every educator and student on campus uses a laptop, no topic is more unifying than a critique on the sheer injustice of the campus wifi.

Throwing (politically correct/passive aggressive) shade at Donald Trump

As one of the most politically active institutions in the world, discussion about the necessity of voting is a daily occurrence. Almost every professor, from astronomy to rhetoric, has thrown out a quick PSA reminding students to register to vote in this “pivotal election.” The announcement is likely followed by some form of the remark “one candidate is highly unqualified and unfit to lead this country,” and thus “your educated vote is essential.” In short, #theyrewithher.

The sports innuendo

A common way our top-notch staff attempts to breach the student-teacher barrier is via Cal Athletics. The most common way this practice is proliferated is when professors give a shout out to the three football players in your 800-person lecture for bringing home the “w” this past weekend. This statement is then followed by an uncomfortably enthusiastic “Go bears!” and a shaky fist pump. This method has seen a spark in frequency these past few years because of our slightly more winning seasons.

The weather

This is every nervous public speaker’s go-to opener: the quintessentially effective weather remark. Berkeley’s climate is notoriously unstable, so the weather is always a prevalent topic of conversation. Almost every rainy day is prefaced with a shout out for the students who came to webcasted (or live) lecture despite the downpour. Additionally, days with weather over 77 degrees are unfailingly mentioned as though we’re in the midst of a heat wave.

With this in mind, next time you’re star struck by Berkeley’s fearless academic leaders, remember to keep in mind that they want you to like them just as much as you want them to give you an A.

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OCTOBER 27, 2016