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Finally, fall

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OCTOBER 20, 2016

Something magical happens on the evening of Sept. 21st. As the clock strikes midnight, a single, crimson leaf flutters gently to the ground, and a cool breeze begins to blow. Fall has finally arrived!

Now that it’s fall, feel free to break out some cozy sweaters. Even if the mercury is still topping 75 degrees, a sweater is the perfect choice — I mean, it is fall, after all, and nothing says fall in California quite like sweating to death in wool on a day that turned out to be warmer than expected.

Here at the Clog, we love to spend an afternoon curled up in bed, drinking something warm and watching Netflix. Now that it’s fall, this is a completely acceptable and totally enjoyable pastime. Who cares if you have two midterms this week and a paper due? This activity is a fall staple, and practically a requirement if it’s raining outside. Stop slacking off and get cozy, Bears.

Pumpkin spice lattes: one of the most divisive components of autumn, but a component nonetheless. To all you so-called pumpkin spice snobs, we at the Clog know your secret. We get it — you’re way too nonbasic to even consider drinking pumpkin spice, right? On the surface, that may be true, but come the first chilly morning, you’ll be in line with the rest of us at Starbucks, hoping to get your fix of that classic fall drink. It’s okay because it’s fall now, and all pretenses of nonbasicness went out the window as soon as you posted your first fallen leaves or pumpkin patch on Instagram.

Don’t forget about fall activities! Suspend disbelief for a few hours and check out a pumpkin patch, or a corn maze or whatever it is that the kids are doing these days. Just hop on BART and leave behind any projects, responsibilities and non-fall-appropriate clothing. After all, it’s not really fall until you visit a pumpkin patch.

While California may have a slightly skewed manifestation of autumn, (hey, it rained last week, so it’s TOTALLY acceptable to wear my boots with everything now), we sure know how to celebrate it once it (arguably) arrives. Get out there and celebrate everyone’s favorite pseudoseason before the two weeks of tolerably brisk weather make way to winter.

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OCTOBER 19, 2016