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10 ways to deal with weird weather

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SEPTEMBER 27, 2016

Here in Berkeley, it’s pretty much a reliable notion that the weather forecast is going to be unreliable every second of every day. No matter what your weather app says, it’s going to turn from freezing cold to scorching hot within a matter of minutes — and rain likes to show up out of nowhere. Unfortunately, when we arrived in Berkeley, we were not given a clear-cut procedure for how to handle the ever-changing climate. So, we at the Clog devised our own guide for you t0 deal with the weird weather.

  1. Now that you have iOS 10, delete the weather app. It’s pretty much useless for Berkeley, and here’s the plus: It’ll free up some of that coveted storage on your phone. Thanks, Apple.
  2. Invest in a personal misting fan. This little guy will keep the sweat off your face while also providing you with a continuous stream of good ol’ H2O, whether you find yourself walking from one class to the next as the temperature decides to flip a switch from 0 to 100 or trapped in AC-less Dwinelle Hall for the next hour.
  3. Explore the great indoors. Who needs fresh air anyways?
  4. Layer up. Make sure you start your layers off with a swimsuit, just in case you find yourself so sweaty that you need to take a quick swim in the fountain on Sproul Plaza. Top of it off with your heaviest parka. Now you’re prepared for anything.
  5. If it rains, take shelter. Preferably in Pat Brown’s Grill, because paninis.
  6. For any weather occasion, set up a secret camping site at the top of the Campanile. Bring some random weather essentials — aforementioned fan, umbrella, water, jacket — and something to block the elevator so that your “secret” spot stays safe.
  7. Flip a coin to decide whether you’re going to dress for warm weather or cold weather for the day. You still pretty much have a 100 percent chance of dressing according to the weather for at least some portion of the day.
  8. Sew the right half of your winter clothes to the left half of your summer clothes. This will take some effort, but hey, it’s never the wrong time to start a new fashion trend. Plus, you’ll always be dressed correctly half the time.
  9. Be a typical UC Berkeley student and become an expert in meteorology. Then, buy your own barometer and predict the weather yourself. At least it’ll be your own fault if you get it wrong.
  10. Just don’t. It’s pretty much a helpless cause anyway.

Good luck.

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SEPTEMBER 26, 2016