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Small ways to celebrate fall in Berkeley

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SEPTEMBER 13, 2016

As the weather is starting to cool down (not) and the leaves are beginning to change colors, we at the Clog are getting very excited for the fall season. As we put away our bathing suits and pack up our towels, we might as well embrace all that fall has to offer. We have devised a list of fun things to do in Berkeley that will compel you to

Go to Starbucks and get a PSL (pumpkin spice latte).

What better way to start celebrating fall than getting a pumpkin spice latte. These long awaited seasonal delicacies will get you in the fall spirit instantly. Enjoy them while they’re still here!

Go to the first home football game on September 17th.

Football screams fall! Since the first game is a night game, be sure to bring a cozy sweater or blanket and bundle up. Maybe you can drink a pumpkin spice latte during the game and get the complete fall package.

Jump in a pile of leaves.

Yeah, we know you can do this anywhere, but for some reason Berkeley has some great, crunchy piles.

Get a warm cinnamon roll from Cinnaholic.

The intoxicating smell and taste of cinnamon rolls will be sure to get you in the fall spirit. So head down to Oxford Street for a delicious fall treat.

Start brainstorming Halloween costume ideas at Party Heaven on Bancroft Avenue.

We all know this as the token costume store in South Berkeley. Get excited for Halloween and start deciding what you’re going to dress up as! We all know it’s a huge decision

Sip on some apple cider from Caffe Strada.

Caffe Strada has some killer apple cider. Nothing conjures up the image of amber leaves and chunky cable knit sweaters more than sipping on apple cider outside of Caffe Strada on a chilly evening.

Play with squirrels (at your own risk).

While you’re playing in the piles of leaves, if you happen to come across a squirrel, you might as well play with it. Just kidding, please don’t do this because of rabies reasons.

As we finally say our official goodbyes to summer, we at the Clog wish everyone a happy and fun fall season!

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SEPTEMBER 12, 2016