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A stationery fanatic's wish list

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SEPTEMBER 09, 2016

Here at the Clog, we’re extremely picky about the pointiness of our pens and the thickness of our paper. We’ve used it all, from your basic Pentel R.S.V.P. 0.7 millimeter fine-tipped ballpoint pen to liquid graphite pencils — we take our penmanship very seriously. We decided to share some of our most favorite, essential supplies that help us stay organized and on top of everything.

Pilot Hi-Tec-C Maica Gel Ballpoint Pens, 0.4 millimeter

Kithumini Jayasiri/Staff

These pens are wonderful for note-taking. The fine tip makes your handwriting look extremely neat. This set comes in a pack of 12, so color-coding your notes will be easy with the omnifarious selection of colors you have to choose from.

Buy them here.

Pilot G-2 Retractable Gel Ink Roller Ball Pens, 0.7 millimeter

Kithumini Jayasiri/Staff

Not a fan of thin-tipped pens? No worries — these Pilot G-2s have a thicker pen tip and write super smoothly. With all these colors, your notes are going to be a work of art.

Buy them here.


Kithumini Jayasiri/Staff

These highlighters are subtle, yet not so subtle that there’s no point in using them. The Zebra Mildliners have two sides: one side with a wider tip and one with a thinner tip. These markers are easy on the eyes and won’t cause you to go blind.

Buy them here.

MUJI Gel Ink Ballpoint Pens, 0.38 millimeter

Kithumini Jayasiri/Staff

Similar to the Pilot Maicas, these pens are thin-tipped. They write extremely smoothly for pens with such fine tips, and they come in a variety of colors. If you want a thin-tipped pen that doesn’t feel like a thin-tipped pen while you’re writing, this is perfect for you.

Buy them here.

MUJI porous pens

Kithumini Jayasiri/Staff

These markers are perfect if you’re looking for something with a thicker tip. We like using them to outline drawings in our notes or write headers and titles.

Buy them here.

Tombow Mono Correction Tape

Kithumini Jayasiri/Staff

With this white-out correction tape, you won’t be afraid to make mistakes. The tape dispenser has a width of 1/6 inches and comes with a rewind knob.

Buy it here.

Stabilo pens

Kithumini Jayasiri/Staff

These Stabilo pens are great for outlining and for taking notes. We at the Clog especially love thin-tipped pens, so we’re a huge fan of these. You get a wide range of colors for a price that won’t leave you broke.

Buy them here.

Metallic Sharpies

Kithumini Jayasiri/Staff

You can never go wrong with a metallic sharpie. We like decorating our notebook and folder covers with these.

Buy them here.

Daiso erasers

Kithumini Jayasiri/Staff

These erasers are $1.50 at Daiso, and a few of the different kinds even come with multiple erasers per pack. They work well and get rid of even the darkest pencil marks. Stock up if you see these.

Faber-Castell Polychromos Colored Pencils

Kithumini Jayasiri/Staff
Kithumini Jayasiri/Staff

These colored pencils are sure to make your physiology notes look absolutely beautiful. Whether you’re looking for something to color your portraits with or you simply enjoy coloring in coloring books, these colored pencils will do more than satisfy your needs. They’re smooth and creamy, and they blend especially well.

Buy them here.

We hope this helps you beautify your notes and your semester. Peace, love, Clog.

Contact Kithumini Jayasiri at [email protected].

SEPTEMBER 10, 2016