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25 thoughts you have while running in public

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AUGUST 09, 2016

Without a doubt, working out at the Recreational Sports Facility, or RSF, is the best choice for many because let’s face it, who wants to be seen in public, huffing and puffing, with their T-shirts completely drenched in sweat and tears? When you have the choice to work out more relatively hidden from the rest of the world, choosing to expose yourself becomes a thought that floats to the back of your mind. Still, there are those that prefer the outside world to this inside shelter. Yet it’s inevitably impossible to escape the thoughts that continue to run through your head while exercising.

  1. OK, let’s do this. I can do this. After all, it’s just picking up the feet and moving right?
  2. This isn’t too bad, the scenery is nice and the air feels fresh.
  3. Why didn’t I think of this earlier?
  4. Finally going to reach my ideal goal. Go me!
  5.  Ugh, why are there so many people in my way?
  6. Move please! Why do they walk so slow? Do they not understand public walking courtesy?
  7. OMG is that (insert attractive human here). OMG it is. Take cover — detour!
  8. Oh no, where am I? I think I’m lost.
  9. I lied. Who was I kidding? I can’t do this. Can I stop now please?
  10. No. Can’t stop, won’t stop. This is my party, I can do what I want.
  11. But the thighs are sore. Ugh. OK, two-minute water break.
  12. Whoops five minutes have passed. Let’s do this.
  13. Why is all my flab jiggling?
  14. I should have worn leggings today to hide all my jiggliness.
  15. Oh no, the sweat’s starting to seep into the front of the shirt. Sigh. I’m embarrassing.
  16. Is that person watching me run? Turn your head. Nothing to stare at here.
  17. Ugh, perverts are why running in public sucks.
  18. Am I going too slow? What if the sidewalk walkers make fun of me?
  19. I should’ve gone to the RSF and just run on the treadmills.
  20. Ow! The sweat stings my eyes and it hurts so bad.
  21. Ew, I smell. Sorry people, hopefully I can run past them fast enough and they only get a short whiff.
  22. I swear I put on coats of deodorant today! My hair’s probably a bloody mess right now.
  23. Oh my gosh, praise the Lord I’m almost there.
  24. Keep going, I can do this!
  25. I did it! Wow, I feel great. Workout of the year done!
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AUGUST 09, 2016