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10 signs you're already done with summer

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AUGUST 01, 2016

It’s time to face the truth. Summer is already more than half way over. But for some of you, that’s a good sign. The breaks that college offers you are so much longer than what you’re used to; you officially are lost for directions in how to spend the rest of summer. You can only lie in bed for so long before you feel like you’re rotting away, right?

  1. You’ve run out of Netflix shows to binge on. You’ve officially caught up on all seven seasons of “Vampire Diaries,” rewatched “Friends” three times and just finished the most recent season of “Orange is the New Black.”
  2. You’re beginning to get up before noon. Quoi? Yep, lying in bed for more than half the day and being more nocturnal doesn’t sound appealing anymore.
  3. The beach is no longer fun. Your entire body is still peeling from the sun, and you’ve become 15 shades darker since the start of summer. Now you’re just trying to run away from all salt water and UV rays.
  4. The number of friends to hang out with are dwindling. Of course you love all your friends from home, but seeing them 24/7 and only in the same area has become very routine and tiring.
  5. On top of that, you’ve run out of places to visit. You’ve been to all the restaurants and know which ones really deserve the Yelp stars. All the local and low key hidden places have been discovered and there’s nothing left to uncover.
  6. You find yourself bored more often than not. Suddenly, crazy thoughts of hoping to study and do some homework pop in your head, and you try to deny them and push them away.
  7. All the money you saved for summer is almost gone. The credit cards have been maxed out, and you’re going around your house scraping up as many coins as you can find to last you the next couple weeks.
  8. You miss your Berkeley friends. Although you might keep in touch through social media, it’s different when school’s kicked back in session and everyone is running around everywhere. You miss seeing them every day — in class, at home, at parties, randomly on the street.
  9.  Your summer bod is disappearing. What you worked so hard on to maintain the last couple months of spring semester seems to be clumping together into one big roll again.
  10. You’re ready for fall. Pull out the knit scarves, Doc Martens, warm coats and the fresh smell of coffee. Summer, begone.
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JULY 31, 2016