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Why sisters are the best

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JULY 29, 2016

As you grow up, the unimaginable happens. You become best friends with your siblings. How that magic happens, no one knows exactly, but you can’t run away from this truth. We at the Clog just wanted to shout out to these sisters in your lives that you may or may not have under-appreciated one too many times.

  1. You get to wear each others clothes. Not only do you save money, but you can also use that money to go buy an even larger variety of clothes. Thus your closet is two times larger than other people’s.
  2. Girl code, duh. You have someone to confide your secrets in, get you out of nasty situations when uncomfortable people approach you and have someone to get your back, always.
  3. Never fear when your period comes and you don’t have the necessary items at hand. This is a plus if your hormones have decided to sync in time.
  4. Makeovers are the best. No one else will enjoy doing your hair or makeup as much as your sister. They always are sure to claim credit when necessary of course.
  5. They will understand all your parent problems. No matter how many times you might tell your friends about how strict or crazy your parents are, no one will truly understand their outrageousness besides your sibling.
  6. They’re useful in helping you come up with captions for your pictures and give you your first and automatic favorites and likes. Moreover, they’re your first “Instagram Husband” before you even find one.
  7. Sisters might lose patience with you quickly but will be there at 3:30 a.m. when you need someone to talk to or when you just can’t fall asleep.
  8. You know each other better than anyone else does. You know that this is such a plus when it comes to receiving birthday gifts or proposals from significant others. They’ll know automatically how you’ll react to certain situations and always want the best for you.
  9. The adventures never end. You watch each other go through the ugliest and the most beautiful phases in life. Lifelong buddy doesn’t even begin to describe it.
  10. No matter what happens, you know you’ll always have your sister next to you, picking you up when you fall down and being your No. 1 supporter in life.

So maybe shoot your sister a text today and tell her some hot goss’.

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JULY 29, 2016