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What not to say in front of your boss

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JULY 07, 2016

Summer is the time when students are constantly scrambling to find an internship. When that opportunity finally arrives, circumstances don’t always measure up to the expectations that you go in with. We at the Clog have accumulated a couple precautions to take into consideration when entering the professional world. Never ever say these things to your new boss if you want to last.

“Hey *insert boss’s name*, what’s your Instagram username?”
As much as we all want those followers and likes, do not add your boss to your social media vault. Unless you want to bring this internship to a deeper personal level, keep your private life private from your boss. Only LinkedIn is appropriate in this case.

“Beep.” Someone just tweeted. “Ding.” The latest group texts just blew up your phone.
In addition to not befriending your boss on social media, do not allow yourself to be caught on it while you’re working, unless it’s for business purposes of course. The last thing you want is your boss to think of you as a slacker. The world will still be there when you get out.  

“Last night was crazy, I’m so exhausted. I need sleep right now.”
Even if you don’t necessarily voice these thoughts out loud, don’t continuously yawn in front of your boss or come into work looking haggard. It’ll be way too obvious that you stayed up at night doing who knows what and that will definitely affect your reputation at your internship.

“I’m so bored.”
This is a big no-no. The purpose of an internship is to learn and gain hands-on experience. There are, without a doubt, always things to be accomplished and work to be done. Show the boss your ambitious side and it’ll help you to grow more as an intern. If you can’t find anything to do, ask someone for another task.

“I didn’t sign up to do coffee deliveries or learn how to use the copy machine.”
Don’t be a smart mouth to your boss. Not only might they take it the wrong way, it can be seen as rude and immature. No matter the little errands that you have to run, everyone has to start somewhere. Do your time before you enter the big leagues.

Despite how intimidating the work life may seem, believe it or not, you will adjust to it in no time. You’re officially one step closer to becoming a “real adult!”

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JULY 08, 2016