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Berkeley food perfect for the Fourth

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JULY 04, 2016

Do you want the perfect Fourth of July meal but haven’t been invited to a barbecue and don’t feel like cooking? We all know that Berkeley is definitely not known for its abundance of barbecue joints — it can be difficult to find the classic foods you crave for the Fourth. Here are some delicious Fourth of July treats you can find in the city of Berkeley.

Top Dog

This one is pretty obvious. It’s pretty hard to think about the Fourths of July without this Berkeley classic. Because most college students don’t have a grill on hand, hitting up Top Dog on the Fourth doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Don’t forget your cash because they don’t take credit cards!

Bongo Burger

We’ve noticed Berkeley’s lack of fast food and burger joints. Bongo Burger is one of the only restaurants in Berkeley that serves hamburgers as its specialty. It has great reviews on Yelp and has countless other options for vegetarian goers like its black bean burger.

Smart Alec’s — Air-popped fries

When we think of the Fourth, french fries always come to mind. Why not try out Smart Alec’s air-popped fries for a lighter and healthier take on french fries. Also, try the garlic fries for some added flavor. If you’re going to be running around or in your bathing suit for the day, this lighter take on french fries will definitely be far less bloating than traditional fries.

Northside Cafe — Loaded baked potato

This specific order is a new discovery for us at the Clog. Northside Cafe is an awesome restaurant that serves all kinds of foods. Try out its loaded baked potato for a delicious Fourth of July treat. It has several different options, some with chili and sour cream and others with bacon and cheddar. There will definitely be fireworks in your mouth from this delicious treat (no pun intended of course).

U Cafe — Watermelon slushy

Nothing screams summer like a cold, refreshing blended drink. The watermelon slushy at U Cafe is seriously irresistible on a warm summer day. U Cafe has different fruit variations, and you can also add boba or other jellies to your slushy drinks. This watermelon slushy is just what you need to stay cool during a long, tiring but fun Fourth of July.

Caffe Strada — Half/half

If you want a light refreshing drink go to Caffe Strada and order the “half and half” — it’s half lemonade, half iced tea and fully delicious. Trust us, it’ll be the refreshing drink you crave on the Fourth, Strada’s ambience is not too bad of a hangout spot either.

Starbucks — S’mores Frappuccino

Even though Starbucks is definitely not unique to Berkeley, we couldn’t leave this one out. Not only do you get the Fourth of July festive s’mores flavor, but you get it in the form of an icy drink! You will totally get the best of both worlds with this twist on a summer classic.

Fentons Creamery — Pie

OK, we know this one is technically in Oakland but we thought we’d allow a slight stretch of Berkeley limit borders. Fentons has great traditional ice cream and pie, and if you’re looking for a mix of the two you can get pie a la mode. What’s the Fourth of July without a piece of pie anyways?

Happy eating, Bears, and Happy Fourth of July!

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JULY 04, 2016