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Flying high, flying low

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JUNE 23, 2016

Now that it’s summer break, many of us will be traveling to cool places or returning home. If that’s the case you’ll probably be taking a flight to your destination. Anyone who’s flown on a plane before will be able to relate to these experiences.

  1. The view through the window: No matter how old we get, we can’t help but get excited when we first get a glimpse of land or seeing the tiny cars on highways.
  2. Ignoring the safety instructions video played at the beginning of every flight: The moment the words start — “Attention passengers” — we all zone out. It’s not that we don’t care, but there’s just a limit to how many times you can listen to how to put on a seat belt before losing interest.
  3. On normal occasions, you may find kids cute and endearing but the moment you’re stuck with one within the confines of an airplane, it can really test your limits. We can’t decide which is worse: the kids who incessantly kick the seat in front of them or the ones who keep crying.
  4. The boring subpar food: Even Crossroads suddenly starts to seem appealing in comparison.
  5. That feel when you’re sitting in the window seat and need to go to the bathroom so you have to ask the two other people sitting next to you to get out of their seats or make an awkward attempt at squeezing across them. And it’s even worse if they’re sleeping and you have to wake them up.
  6. Watching someone else’s movie screen for too long and feeling really creepy doing it: It’s as though it’s some kind of invasion of privacy.
  7. The fact that there are three people sitting next to each other but only four arm rests: You do the math. Someone’s going to have to compromise.
  8. When you’re watching a movie and you’ve almost reached the end and then the plane lands and you’re just left hanging.
  9. We all know that we’re too dependent on the Internet. It’s not easy getting through a long flight with no WiFi, unless you want to pay for the special WiFi on the plane. But, who are we kidding? We’re poor college students who can’t afford that kind of luxury.
  10. All the waiting involved: Airports and flights seem to be created to test our patience. You have to wait in all those lines, wait at the airport in between flyovers and wait for our luggage to roll in on the conveyor belt.

So flying may not be the most interesting thing in the world, but it gets us to the places where fun things happen. So wherever you may be flying to, safe travels!

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JUNE 22, 2016