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Summer study breaks

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JUNE 14, 2016

Summer classes are quick-paced as they condense the material of four months into six to eight weeks. Therefore, you must remain on top of the class material, and being wise about your study breaks can really be crucial to your success. Here at the Clog, we compiled some suitable study breaks that are appropriately summer-themed. They’ll give you enough time to breathe but won’t be so engrossing that you’ll have a hard time peeling yourself away. Remember: You still have to meet your responsibilities and study. 

1. Make a nice cold drink for yourself.

Perhaps a virgin mojito or horchata? Summer drinks require few ingredients and are easy to make. Hit up the Clog’s food blog, Eating Berkeley, for some ideas, including a berry gin fizz, virgin strawberry basil mojito and rum spritzers.

2. Take a bubble bath.

Make use of the scented candles and the handmade soap you bought on a whim from the Sunday market on Telegraph Avenue and treat yourself to something revitalizing.  

3. Read something for pleasure.

Perhaps a short story or magazine article is best — this will keep your brain cells functioning, albeit on low power. And it’ll certainly be easier to transition back to your complex readings on philosophy. Your willpower will thank you for this.

4. Take a 15 minute walk outside.

Fresh air (and hydration) is crucial to maintaining your energy. Taking walks can work wonders because they’re the perfect amount of distraction, especially for someone who has trouble sitting still and focusing for a long time. A new, refreshing sight is hardly ever a bad thing.

5. Go for a swim.

This will take a bit more time, but if you can afford a slightly longer study break, this is definitely one to go for. With the unbearable heat waves passing, there’s no more a perfect time to begin such an amazing cardiovascular exercise.

6. Crank out your summer playlist.

This is a perfect time for you to bust out your best moves. Plus, it’ll provide you with a quick, easy release for all the pent up energy caused by sitting down so much. You could also make the duration of five or six songs productive by cleaning your room or completing other chores.

7. Buy something you’ve been craving.

Whether it’s a dress you saw at a boutique while walking down Telegraph Avenue or a bowl of frozen yogurt, you’re fueling your reward pathways. These pathways are connected to getting work done and thus supply you with enough motivation to complete tasks. 

8. Crash a Recreational Sports Facility class.

You’re at that point in the evening when you lose motivation and aimlessly scour Reddit or Facebook. You’re stuck in limbo because you have to finish up those last few pages of reading, and your brain just shuts off whenever you attempt to do so. Social media is not a suitable method of temporary distraction. Instead, make good use of the next one to two hours of your time by taking a dance exercise class and meet new people in the process. If you find that the RSF is too long a walk, start noting down the exercise routines so you can do them yourself at home.  

9. Get up and change your outfit.

This is a great idea unless you’re the kind of person that washes clothes after only one wear and you don’t want an overwhelming pile of laundry. It may sound silly, but don’t you often feel like you are not ready to face the day until you have gotten ready and changed? Why not recreate that feeling at 3 p.m. instead of the morning? Routine is a powerful thing, and your mind might readily associate this freshening up with getting down to business, especially if you decide to change into a pantsuit.   

Whatever your reason for taking summer classes, we hope we could at least provide a temporary relief from turning pages in that concrete slab of a reader.

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JUNE 14, 2016