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Un cóctel español para el verano

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JUNE 06, 2016

Crema de orujo is a sweet cocktail with a soft quality that complements hot, Spanish summers nicely. A pomace brandy from northern Spain, Orujo is popular throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Many people in Spain experiment with different add-ins and recipes to add their own flairs and personalities to the standard liquor. Specifically, crema de orujo is made by adding different types of creams and sugars to make a light and easy-to-drink orujo, often with hints of vanilla and cinnamon. Although you can buy it already made by the bottle in Spain, we at the Daily Clog have come up with a recipe to help you make and try your own crema de orujo this summer.

Raeline Valbuena/Staff

Crema de orujo

You will need:

Brandy (preferably orujo if available)

Condensed milk

Flan de huevo (Egg flan or a vanilla equivalent)

Cocoa powder

Glass or pitcher (depending on the serving size you’d like to make)


Optional for taste: Espresso, cinnamon or vanilla extract

What to do:

  1. Fill 1/3 of a glass or pitcher with condensed milk.
  2. Fill the next 1/3 with brandy.
  3. For a single serving, add about a spoonful of flan de huevo. For a pitcher, add a whole individual serving size.
  4. For a single serving, add a small spoonful of cocoa powder. For a larger sized pitcher, add more liberally — up to three large spoonfuls of the powder.
  5. If you’d like, add a pinch of cinnamon or vanilla extract depending on your personal preference. Many varieties of crema de orujo also add espresso or coffee as well, so feel free to experiment with this as you’d like.
  6. Blend the drink thoroughly on a low setting until it reaches a nice light brown color and reaches an evenly smooth texture.
  7. Serve on the rocks and enjoy. Disfruta con todos tus amigos, vale vale!
Contact Raeline Valbuena at [email protected].

JUNE 05, 2016