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Time capsule for 2015-16 school year

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MAY 26, 2016

If one were to fill a time capsule for the Class of 2066 to open, what would be representative of this school year at UC Berkeley? These are some memorable pieces of history from our 2015-2016 school year that will tell our future Golden Bears what Berkeley was like in our day.

Here’s what we’d throw in:

Justin Bieber’s album Purpose

Although this may be quite controversial based on the typically polarized views of JB, we have to include this one. The songs “Sorry” and “Where Are U Now” seemed to play everywhere spanning from game days in September all the way to end-of-semester parties in April. It seems only fair to show the class of 2066 our sweet jams.

Adidas Superstars

Do I even need to expand on this? Everybody and their cousin are wearing these kicks.

Jared Goff’s Rams jersey

This academic school year, one of our very own was chosen first overall in the NFL draft to the Los Angeles Rams. We’re including his new jersey just to prove to our future Golden Bears just some of our athletic success in the past school year. Go bears or go home.

That one lace-up, long sleeved top everyone has

I know you know what I’m talking about, even though there’s no real name for this shirt. It’s pretty obvious that this shirt is literally owned by everyone. This has proven to be the most worn “going out top” in all of Berkeley, don’t believe me? Just look scroll down your Insta feed. Why not show our future Golden Bears some of our hip style.

Hunter rainboots

Yes, this is our second pair of shoes but we promise there’s deeper meaning behind this. The 2015-2016 school year fell smack dab in the middle of El Nino, and we did experience quite a lot of rain. Not only do these shoes represent the “El Nino era”, but Hunters were also just super popular.

Bernie sticker

Despite your political affiliation, there’s no doubt that many Berkeley students have been feeling the Bern. These stickers have been seen everywhere from on the doors of floormates’ residence hall rooms to people’s laptops in Doe Library. It’s definitely important to show our future Berkeley students some of the popular political expressions shown during our 2015-16 academic school year.

Avocado toast

Okay, we do admit this one may not stand the test of time well. Regardless, Berkeley students, and really everyone, has certainly hyped this simple concoction. From DIY-ing it in the dining halls, to spending the big bucks on a classy version from Bartavelle, avocado toast definitely made an important debut during our 2015-16 school year.

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MAY 25, 2016