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End of semester checklist

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MAY 05, 2016

The end of the semester is just a week and a half away. So, as we Bears roll on into the middle of RRR week, let’s take a couple of minutes to reflect on all the achievements and moments of irresponsibility that made spring 2K16 so memorable. We at the Daily Clog are always up for a good game, so we’ve made a semester checklist to help you keep a mental tally. Cross off what you’ve accomplished, and keep the rest in mind for next year.

  • Ride Bear Transit in a complete loop past 2 a.m. for no real reason
  • Shotgun a beer or chug a milk tea on top of Doe Library
  • Celebrate 4/20 at 4:20 p.m. en masse on Memorial Glade
  • Go to the Recreational Sports Facility at least six days a week
  • Dance by yourself at a party for an hour
  • Take a dip in the fountain in front of Boalt Hall
  • Hug Oski at a non-sporting event
  • Take a condom from the penis on Sproul Plaza
  • Climb Sather Gate
  • Take a selfie with Chancellor Dirks
  • Sign a CalPIRG petition
  • Comment on a Daily Clog post
  • Have a picnic on top of Pimentel Hall
  • Paint your body blue and gold
  • Poop at least once in every building on campus
  • Go up the Campanile at sunset
  • Spend 24 consecutive hours in the Martin Luther King. Jr. Student Union building or Eshleman Hall
  • Sleep in a hammock anywhere on campus
  • Go to at least 10 hours of office hours
  • Eat dinner at late-night for a week straight
  • Ride BART to the end of a line
  • Play hide-and-seek in the Botanical Gardens
  • Friend a GSI on Facebook
  • Match with at least four people from one class on Tinder
  • Have a sexual encounter in a library



Contact Raeline Valbuena at [email protected].

MAY 05, 2016