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Editor's note: UC Berkeley Admissions Issue 2016

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Congratulations! You’ve ended up here because of hard work and a drive to succeed. Whether you’ve been dreaming of this moment for as long as you can remember or you totally forgot UC Berkeley’s admissions decisions came out today until you saw the email, being accepted to attend the best public university in the world is an incredible accomplishment.

There’s no doubt that you’re being hit by a flood of emotions right about now, which is exactly where we can be of service. The Daily Clog is the college life blog of The Daily Californian, UC Berkeley’s independent and student-run newspaper. We offer advice, laughs and relatability to the students of UC Berkeley. We invite you to look around the blog, specifically the Admissions Issue 2016, to get a deeper sense of what life is like for the students at UC Berkeley.

We hope you’re proud of yourself — we know we were bouncing off the walls when we found out about our acceptances. Despite the difficulty of committing to a place to spend the next four years of your life, we can’t think of a better place to spend those formative years than UC Berkeley. With a strong campus community, high academic rigor, a passionately active student body and no shortage of activities to do in your free time, UC Berkeley will keep you more than occupied. And now that we’re here, we can’t imagine life anywhere else.

Peace, love and Clog.

The Sproul Foul and other terms you should know

Here’s a quick guide to some UC Berkeley lingo so that you’ll find yourself fitting right in without any embarrassing slip-ups.

100 things we at The Daily Californian wish we knew as freshmen


With the intent of keeping you all a bit more informed than we were, we’re offering up some of our best advice.

Why we love UC Berkeley


Yes, college is going to be hard, but it’s also going to be great. Spending four years in a place such as UC Berkeley will change your life as you know it.

What you need to know if you’re a transfer student

The Clog explains some of the most important things you need to keep in mind when transferring to UC Berkeley from a community college.

So you got into UC Berkeley, now what?

Edwin Cho/File

You managed to successfully complete the application process, and you got accepted to attend UC Berkeley. Now what?

Where to eat when you visit Berkeley

Berkeley is home to a great many cheap and delicious eateries perfect for the student foodie.

Official squirrel etiquette at UC Berkeley

A common misconception is that interaction with these arboreal rodents is easily done. In reality, it takes years of training and study in order to properly make contact with these magnificent, yet terrifying, creatures.

Guide to housing options in Berkeley

Housing for freshmen isn’t actually guaranteed this year, so it’s good to be aware of your options and get started prioritizing them early.

How to be basic in Berkeley

“You sling on your Birks and your brand new Berkeley T-shirt and glance at your phone. Yikes, it’s already 8:45 a.m.! You’re going to miss the bus!”

Rachel Feder is the blog editor. Contact Rachel Feder at [email protected].

MARCH 25, 2016