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What to do during spring break if you have no friends

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MARCH 11, 2016

Maybe your parents moved to a new city after your senior year, or maybe you just didn’t like the kids at your high school (or they didn’t like you). Either way, you’re going home for spring break and you have no friends. We at the Clog understand and would like to suggest some solo activities for you during your week off.

Start a new Netflix show.modena-30X40-final_10-6

We recommend “Arrested Development,” “Louie” or “The Office” as a few options. Or, if you’re looking for a throwback, “Saved by the Bell” is a great pick. They literally have their school dance in a diner — what’s not to love?

Play with your pets.

Seriously, I miss my cats more than I miss my mom (not really mom, I love you). All I want to do is spend some quality cuddle time with them, maybe over a “Saved by the Bell” marathon — more hairspray and shortalls, please! If you don’t have a pet, why not foster one for the week?

Learn to cook.

You finally have access to a real, functioning kitchen with all the appliances you could hope for, particularly a dishwasher. Why not learn how to make the best gosh dang macaroni and cheese, chicken parmesan or lasagna? If you fail, your mom will still eat it because she loves you. Can you say that about your roommates?

Hang out with your siblings.

We’re old and mature enough to appreciate our siblings even if they used to be a pain in the butt. So go get dinner, play video games or watch five seasons of “The Only Way is Essex” with them in five days. You’ll become a lot closer with them and you’ll have this friend for life.

Go do something outdoors.

Spend the week pondering the insignificance of your existence as you hike alone through dark, wooded trails, shred that gnar pow or get rail banged by your board on a radical party wave.

Make some new friends? Nah, rather not. Too much effort.

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MARCH 11, 2016