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Places to get breakfast for less than $5

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FEBRUARY 26, 2016

We’re a month into the new semester, and you’re likely in either of these two situations: You’re a broke college student and you’ve always known it, or you told yourself you’d manage your transactions this semester to not be a financial mess but have failed only to realize that there’s no way out of being a broke college student. Yet time and again, you crave that steamy smell of waffles being flipped around as you walk in the mornings, eye that sign that screams delicious breakfast and brunch or simply get sick of the same old menu at the dining commons every morning. To heal your suffering from the lack of yummy breakfasts that require hefty bank accounts, we at the Clog came up with a list of places to get breakfast for less than $5.

Bleecker Bistro

Next time you’re on Telegraph Avenue, make sure to check out Bleecker Bistro. Indulge yourself in a delicious 3-pancake stack or build your own 3-egg omelet breakfast at $4.95. As a bonus, if you’re coming back from an early morning workout, you could try its creamy peanut butter shake at $3.95.

Northside Cafe

Located on Euclid Avenue, Northside Cafe offers a delightful breakfast menu at reasonable rates with great service and an unbeatable aesthetic. With only about a short two-minute walk from Memorial Glade, take a break from the mundane libraries and bring your books here in the morning instead. It’s a great place to read because the cafe has a strict no Wi-Fi policy. Try our personal favorite Granola Bowl at $4.25 or House Special Breakfast Plate at $4.75 and be prepared for a desire to return.


If you catch yourself hungry after a morning at the RSF or feel like you could use a short walk, check out Tia’s located on Kittredge Street, between Shattuck Avenue and Fulton Street. By taking advantage of deals such as flavored oatmeal at $2.50, different pastries at $2.45 and breakfast burritos at $3.99, you’ll tingle with joy at both the affordability and the scrumptiousness of the food.

Julie’s Cafe

Located on Bancroft Way, Julie’s Cafe makes a solid spot for study sessions or casual hangouts with its open ambience. Go ahead and order a French Toast at $3.50 or the Muffin n Egg at $3.99 with a side of a coffee to start your day with ultimate satisfaction.

Nuha’s Cafe

If you ever catch yourself Downtown and are craving some quick and cheap, but also yummy, bites for breakfast, stop by Nuha’s Cafe located on Milvia Street. With plenty of offers, such as a variety of bagels starting at the price of $2, frittatas at $4.95 and a variety of milkshakes at $3.95, to power you up in the morning, you will not be disappointed.

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FEBRUARY 26, 2016