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Mad Libs: The final discussion

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DECEMBER 07, 2015

Fill out the list with your choice of words, then plug them into the story below and see what you get!

1. Adjective

2. Article of clothing

3. School object

4. Noun

5. Noun

6. Adjective

7. Adjective

8. Adjective

9. Emotion

10. Noun

11. Past tense verb

12. Adjective

13. Name

14. Liquid

15. Noun

16. Noun

17. Past tense verb

18. Noun

19. Emotion

20. Verb ending in -ing

21. Noun

22. Noun

23. Past tense verb

24. Verb ending in -ing

25. Plural Noun

26. Adjective

27. Past tense verb

The __(1)__ GSI stood up on the desk and looked all her students in the eyes. A __(2)__ was wrapped around her head, her hands holding a __(3)__. It was Dec. 4, and the GSI had decided to use the class’s last discussion section for a Secret Santa gift exchange.

“Look at me! Look at me! I am the __(4)__ now!”

Thunder filled the __(5)__ and her voice. The students were __(6)__ again, this time, a little __(7)__. This was the last time the class had to deal with their __(8)__  GSI; she was murmuring to herself that she was __(9)__ with them.

Inside the classroom, __(10)__ stifled the air as they __(11)__ at each other. Who knew Secret Santa could be so__(12)__?

__(13)__ whispered to a friend that there must have been __(14)__ in the Cal mug on the GSI’s __(15)__. The clock was moving at a __(16)__’s pace as the GSI hopped off from the desk where she __(17)__.

“When I am holding the __(18)__, I get to lead! Now, who is next?”

__(19)__, the students pointed to Jeff in the corner. He was __(20)__ in his seat, gripping a __(21)__. He walked toward the front and grabbed his gift. Slowly turning around to face the class, he opened it, only to have a __(22)__ pop out, flying into his face! He screamed and __(23)__.

The GSI lost it. She was ___(24)_____ on the ground, throwing ___(25)____ into the air.

“Guess who your secret santa is?! Guess, Jeff! It’s me!”

The ___(26)____ GSI____(27)_____. The clock’s little hand reached the top of the hour. Class was formally dismissed once and for all, but the GSI wouldn’t let her students leave until they all had finished Secret Santa.

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DECEMBER 07, 2015