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Gratitude list: UC Berkeley edition

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NOVEMBER 05, 2015

Because Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away, we at the Clog decided to stop and reflect on what we’re thankful for.

Winter activities: There are so many winter activities happening around Berkeley and the Bay this time of year. We’re especially excited about the opening of the Union Square Ice Skating Rink in San Francisco.

Squirrels: Even though sometimes the squirrels on campus try to steal our food, they’re so cute we can’t get annoyed with them for too long. Or actually, we can, but whatever.

Fall weather: We’re glad it has cooled down enough so we’re not sweating walking uphill on the way to class, but we’re also grateful that it won’t ever get cold enough to snow in Berkeley. We feel pretty confident that the cooler temperatures will help increase the success of our “Netflix and chill” game.

Rain: Speaking of weather, it’s so exciting to finally get rain. We can finally wear our rain boots that have been stored for month but, more importantly, we’re experiencing a drought so rain is good. Very good.

Midterms are over: UC Berkeley’s seemingly never-ending midterm season is finally coming to an end. Enjoy your extra little bit of freedom before finals. Hopefully you don’t have too many end-of-the-semester projects and papers.

Free cookies from Pacific Cookie Company: We at the Clog love free things and cookies! So we keep a careful eye on Pacific Cookie Company’s Facebook page and other social media platform for the word of the day for a free freshly baked cookie.

UC Berkeley’s football record: It started off so well this year — what happened? Just kidding, even though the past few games haven’t ended with a result in our favor, it has been great to watch them play.

We’re not Stanfurd: #GoBears

Days without class: Winter break is about six weeks away or less. So between now and Dec. 18, we have Veterans Day off of class, a long weekend for Thanksgiving and then RRR Week.

Location: Nothing can beat Berkeley’s locations. San Francisco is located just a short BART ride away. As much as we’re thankful for being close to such a vibrant city, we’re also thankful to be close to some amazing natural areas such as Tilden Park and the Berkeley Fire Trails.

Corrections: A previous version of this article misspelled San Francisco.
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NOVEMBER 07, 2015