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What to do over Homecoming Weekend

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OCTOBER 02, 2015

Homecoming is as much an opportunity to celebrate alumni’s formative years at UC Berkeley as it is a time to recognize the ongoing innovation and talents on campus.

Beyond the tailgating and general camaraderie, campus groups will be putting on a variety of events over the weekend, from selling $1 books at Doe Library to giving the public a chance to learn more about different UC Berkeley organizations, such as student-run radio station KALX. Faculty will also give lectures on numerous topics, from butterflies’ colors to 19th-century slave markets.

Hunt for the bear statues scattered around the campus on a walking tour, take a peek inside the brand new Jacobs Hall, or learn how the impressive Cal Band formations come together. The full list of events is posted on the official UC Berkeley Homecoming website, but we picked out a few we thought would be too good to miss.

So whether you’re a student, parent or alumnus, kick the spirit up a notch and take advantage of these opportunities to explore the many facets of campus with your time spent outside Memorial Stadium.

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OCTOBER 02, 2015

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