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A protest against National Make Your Bed Day

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SEPTEMBER 10, 2015

We at the Daily Clog like to think of ourselves as outside-the-box thinkers. As such, we prefer to keep things fun, which is why we relegate content space to an exploration of a “national day” that wants us to make our beds. What? Yes, you heard us right! As such, we hope that for National Make Your Bed Day on Sept. 11, you’ll make your bed. 

However, we came up with a few reasons why you shouldn’t:

In case you didn’t know, not making your bed can lessen the chance of having a bed bug problem.

That’s right, your mom is a liar. Making your bed isn’t even good for you! Sure, it does make your room look cleaner. But think about it: Dust mites and bed bugs thrive in a wet climate, and there’s nothing wetter than your sweat all over your sheets. That’s a prime bed bug breeding ground right there. By leaving your covers untucked, all that sweat can dry out and lessen the possibility of dust mites. Your bed corners may look crisp, but being eaten alive by bed bugs is not a cute look.

Starting your day by making your bed is not a fun time — at all. 

I’m sure some people out there love waking up in the morning and immediately making their bed. Honestly, more power to them for having such a productive morning ritual. And good on their parents for teaching them such valuable life lessons. But for the remainder of people that are just like us, making one’s bed is a chore that’s haunted them from the moment they were capable of completing the task. Now’s the time for rebellion. Rise up against your oppressive ancestors and leave that bed cover askew!

In our humble opinion, it’s a waste of time. 

Unless you fall asleep on top of your covers — which just happens sometimes and who are we to judge — there is absolutely no reason to make your bed. When the sweet call of sleep reaches you, you’re going to dive into that made bed and slip between the sheets. Then you’re going to sleep and ruin the perfect bed you made that morning. Making your bed is a lesson about futility. Don’t do it and you’ve already mastered a valuable life lesson: Don’t waste your time making your bed.

Most lifestyle magazines about home decoration tell you to make your bed.

We don’t have a propensity for peer pressure, let alone pressure from magazines. We’re not the type of people that do something just because others have told us to do so. While these types of magazines may provide some useful tips on how to keep your garden gnomes shiny and your grass green and healthy, chances are you’re not a homeowner who has guests to impress. These lifestyle magazines continue to support the “make your bed” propaganda and as people who aren’t yet concerned with good (read perfect) housekeeping or having the best home and garden, we urge you not to fall victim to the corporate man.

But, if you want to make your bed, make it.

It’s that simple. If waking up in the morning and making your bed is the way you like to start your day because it gets you excited to live, well then, don’t let us stop you. Sometimes a made bed is one of the easiest ways to make your messy room look and feel comfortable. We just wanted to offer a dissenting opinion on the day when you’re only going to hear the good that a made bed can offer. 

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SEPTEMBER 09, 2015