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Quantum of solace: Elmwood

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SEPTEMBER 08, 2015


While the semester has only just begun, we at the Clog are already looking for an escape. We may be over-extended or overwhelmed by a demanding course load. Maybe we can’t say no to those pesky live-hawkers on Sproul Plaza, or we’re simply missing our moms. Regardless, the adjustment to college just never seems to get any easier. This is not to say that we don’t wake up every morning feeling indescribably lucky, and that our UC Berkeley experiences haven’t molded us into more interesting and well-rounded people than we ever thought we could be. But hey, everyone needs a break now and then.

What better place to take a nice little break in than Elmwood? Located just a quick jaunt south of campus along College Avenue, the Elmwood district is a lovely neighborhood with a distinctive non-college vibe, complete with bougie hat shops and precious ice cream shops. Either walk south along College Avenue for a few blocks or hop on the 51B, and you’ll soon be sipping that Elmwood Café cappuccino and leafing through literature at Mrs. Dalloway’s. Walk a little farther, and you can even satisfy your Philz Coffee addiction!

Bustling with families, Oakland hipsters, dogs out for their afternoon walks and a myriad of other characters, Elmwood is a cleansing escape from crowded places such as Telegraph Avenue and Dwinelle Hall. Bring some friends for a relaxing lunch at La Méditerranée or perhaps for a refreshing scoop at Tara’s Organic Ice Cream. Regardless of what you do there, we bet you’ll find that little bit of solace you’re looking for in Elmwood.


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SEPTEMBER 07, 2015