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Is the search for the best Berkeley vegetarian burrito over?

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SEPTEMBER 02, 2015

Recently, I’ve been on a journey to discover the best vegetarian burrito within easy walking distance from the UC Berkeley campus. I forwent any establishments that are large corporate chains — uh-um, Chipotle — in order to support our local businesses and community. The three Mexican restaurants I visited were: La Burrita, Celia’s Mexican Restaurant and Gordo Taqueria. Each restaurant offered its unique take on the vegetarian burrito, which made the choosing process rather difficult. However, there is one place that reigns supreme: La Burrita.
I came to this conclusion after sampling a wide variety of vegetarian burritos. At Celia’s and Gordo’s, I ate vegetarian burritos that were just that: full of vegetables. But La Burrita offered six different ways to eat a veggie burrito. La Burrita’s veggie burrito received the highest score with a comprehensive rating of 7.75. What I discovered, however, was that vegetarian burritos taste differently to different people — regardless of my subjective scoring system. Some people like squash on their burrito and some, like me, don’t. Putting aside my dislike of squash, I must admit that there’s no right way to make a veggie burrito. At La Burrita you have every option under the sun. From rice and beans to a super burrito smothered in sauce, La Burrita is the place to go if you want a delicious burrito without the meat. 


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SEPTEMBER 01, 2015