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Pets that UC Berkeley students should have

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AUGUST 27, 2015

If you’ve moved into your apartment, but still feel like something is missing, maybe you need a pet! We at the Clog have gone through and analyzed some possible choices for pets that can easily make you smile when you’re feeling stressed out about school. Before you get any sort of pet, though, make sure that your roommates and your landlord approve. Also, pay attention to the amount of free time you have and your financial resources just to make sure your pet is always happy and healthy!

Pets we recommend: 

1. Fish


 No walking or trips to the veterinarian are required! Just feeding and tank cleaning. We promise.

2. Plant


If you like quiet and struggle to feed yourself on a daily basis, owning an animal might be too much for you! Plants are low maintenance and will probably make your apartment look instantly classy.

3. Catclog.martha.pets

Start your life as a crazy cat person in college … it’s totally normal. Just kidding, we  think cats are awesome, and you can recreate cat memes with your cat. Or, you can record it jumping around your apartment, sleeping, eating or literally anything! Who knows, you might become a Youtube star thanks to this pet!

4. Dog 


You’ll make so many friends when you take your dog on walks around campus. Also, remember how awesome it was to wait in a super long line to pet a puppy during RRR week? You’ll now be able to relax with your puppy whenever you want and avoid those lines! Finals will be a breeze for you because of your wonderful pet.

5. Chinchilla


If you love the line “it’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!” from “Despicable Me” and if you like cute and small, cuddly rodents, then a chinchilla is your best bet. While still active and entertaining to watch, unlike puppies, chinchillas are more manageable in an apartment because of their smaller size. They’re also unique pets so if you’re ever at a loss for talking points on that awkward first date with your floormate, talk about your beloved chinchilla.

Pets we don’t recommend 

1. Squirrel


While the squirrels on campus are adorable and may act like pets because they love human food and UC Berkeley students, they’re still wild animals. The potential of contracting rabies just isn’t worth it. We know you might be tempted to take one of those chubby little squirrels outside Stephens Hall and back to your house, but your roommates won’t enjoy that. At all.

2. Snake


Many of your friends might be deadly scared of your new pet and might stop visiting you because of it. Plus, you don’t want to hang out alone in your apartment with a snake, that would just be unfortunate — and a little dangerous.

3. Bird clog.martha.pets

Most birds are loud and your neighbors probably won’t be your biggest fans if you own one. They can be a tad dirty as well, so if you have incredibly tidy roommates, we wouldn’t recommend birds for pets.

4. Any animal that your parents didn’t allow you to have when you were a small child 


Just because you live on your own doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still listen to some of the things you heard your parents told you for the past 18 years. … If a lion was too much for your house, it will be too much for your apartment, even if you’re one of the lucky few students to live in a place with a backyard.

Image sources: ChrisA1995Emily HindleNikitaRalph ArvesenMichelle TribeElizabeth RobertssquiddlesAlberto Ziveri under Creative Commons. 

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AUGUST 26, 2015