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Quiz: Where should you eat in Berkeley based on your summer?

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AUGUST 25, 2015

Berkeley has so many restaurants with delicious food. It can be overwhelming to pick where to go out to eat! Attention freshman, if you’re eating at the dining halls every night, you’re missing out. Reflect back on your summer with this quiz to help you figure out where you should go out to eat this semester.


  1. Where did you spend most of your time during the summer? 
    1. Studying abroad/just abroad.
    2. SoCal, woo!
    3. Berkeley, obviously. Where else is there?
    4. Another great place that these choices don’t consider! 
  2. What’s your favorite meal?
    1. Midnight snacks — salty pretzels, anyone?
    2. Dinner.
    3. Does drinking count as a meal?
    4. Brunch. Like seriously, there’s nothing better than brunch.
  3. Pick your favorite activity you did this summer!
    1. Travel.
    2. Go to the beach.
    3. (Not) study for my summer classes.
    4. Sleep. Literally, that’s all I want to do.
  4. What do you wish you did this summer?
    1. I didn’t travel enough. Would’ve loved to go on a road trip.
    2. Go to Lake Tahoe with all of my high school friends!
    3. Spend more time working out and getting fit. I haven’t been to the gym in months.
    4. Visit my friends that stayed at Cal.
  5. If you were a Berkeley squirrel, which would you most prefer to eat?
    1. Anything that a generous Cal student wants to give me. I’m not picky.
    2. I only eat organic things.
    3. Leftovers from GBC — I miss those fries.
    4. Half of a peanut butter and jelly bagel!
    1. You miss American food — admit it. Since you probably studied abroad, traveled through Europe or you are an international student, you might be missing some classic American college food such as pizza or macaroni and cheese. This is Berkeley, so no need to order pizza from Domino’s or eat Easy Mac. Treat yourself by going to Sliver Pizzeria, BUILD Pizzeria or Homeroom for some amazing macaroni and cheese.
    2. You need to bring back memories of your summer at SoCal. You probably spent all summer chilling in Southern California. When the Berkeley fog gets you down and you’re wishing you could be relaxing in San Diego’s beaches, try getting a burrito to cheer you up! Chipotle is an obvious choice, but if you venture a little farther away from campus to Comal, you’ll be rewarded!
    3. You’re in desperate need of some spice! If you want something exotic without going too far away from campus, check out East India Spice Company! You can eat there, drink there or do both! We at the Clog highly recommend doing both if you can legally do so.
    4. Go get spoiled, right now. Whatever you did this summer, it probably didn’t prepare you for the combination of Welcome Week hangovers coupled with attending your first few days of class. This weekend you should let yourself sleep in and then grab some delicious brunch at Crepevine or La Note.


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AUGUST 25, 2015