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How to Welcome Week

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AUGUST 17, 2015

The fall 2015 semester is right around the corner and although no one’s excited for Chem 3B or Math 1A to start, everyone’s excited for Welcome Week. After a summer away from our friends, a week of reconnecting, open frat parties and no class is just what everyone needs. For the incoming freshmen class, however, Welcome Week can be just as overwhelming as it is exciting. The new environment and new faces can lead to regrettable decisions, so, as the old and wise members we are, the Clog has made a list of tips to have a perfect Welcome Week:

1. Don’t drink to impress people. No one cares how many shots you can take. And there are plenty of people that don’t drink at all!

2. Do say yes to any opportunities for making new friends. Welcome Week is the best time to connect with the people that could be your best friends for the rest of the year.

3. Don’t buy your books yet. You might be dropping some classes.

4. Do buy general school supplies. You don’t wanna show up to the first day of classes without a pen.

5. Don’t regret ordering Cheesy Stix at 2 a.m. after your first big night out. The Freshman Fifteen might be real, but you can always lose it.

6. Do go to the gym. You won’t lose the Freshman Fifteen if you start totally slipping this early.

7. Don’t judge anyone too harshly — the roommate that’s bugging you right now might turn into your best friend.

8. Do make an effort to get to know all of your floormates. Your floor-mily can be your biggest support system your freshman year — and probably will be if you start making connections early on.

9. Don’t try to be exactly like you were in high school. Just because you were kind of a home-body who had more online gaming friends than friends in real life in high school doesn’t mean that this is your persona forever. Let yourself grow in college and the first step to that can be doing something that puts you totally out of your comfort zone during Welcome Week.

10. Do love and accept your new friends even if they do something totally stupid during Welcome Week. Possible stupid things include but aren’t limited to: throwing up on your shirt in the elevator, forcing you to go to a restaurant that ends up being really bad, making you go to a lame party or wearing a really stupid t-shirt.

Pressly Pratt is the Blog Editor. Contact her at [email protected].

AUGUST 16, 2015