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AUGUST 12, 2015

If you are anything like us at the Clog, that summer body you worked for the week before summer vacation began has already disappeared. Yes, we’re sure we all enjoyed sitting around watching TV and eating home-cooked meals (the best meals we will have all year). But if you are looking for a way to get back into tiptop Berkeley hill-walking shape, then look no further than the paragraphs below. Here is a list of the best RSF gym classes. Take a look, and this semester, make it a goal to try out one that you haven’t before (or just stick with the one that you like).


1. Cycle

Also known as Spin, this is one of the best classes the RSF has to offer. Without fail, you will leave this class dripping sweat and barely able to walk. And if it’s your first time doing Spin, you will certainly feel the pain the next day. Although this class takes some getting used to, once you get comfortable with the bike (and figure out the proper bike height), you will fall in love.

Recommended instructor: Robbie Earle


2. Zumba

Although you will not leave this class drenched in sweat, as you would with Cycle, Zumba is a fun group exercise class. You will without a doubt be impressed by the moves of all the instructors. In fact, people attend this class as much for the workout as for watching the instructors dance. Do not be deterred if dancing is not your thing! More than half the class is just there to have a good time. You will not even realize you are exercising — until the next day.

Recommended instructor: Noel Panganiban (although all instructors are great)


3. Cardio Kickboxing

This class is a great all-around workout. You will learn basic boxing moves that require you to move the entire 45-minute class. It might not seem like a hard workout, but trust us, 20 minutes into the class and you will be feeling it in your arms. It takes a while to get used to the move combinations, but if you go early in the semester, they start off slow for new attendees to learn. The instructors are also great!

Recommended instructor: Shane Barnard


4. Total Body Blitz

For when you don’t have much time to fit in exercise (possibly those awkward one-hour gaps between classes), this class is ideal. In the short 30-minute class, you will work your entire body, and if you attend enough classes, you will be able to see the improvement. Speaking from experience, we know that if you make this class a regular part of your schedule, you will see physical improvement, whether this means becoming more toned or moving up in weight size.

Recommended Instructor: any


5. Yoga Stretch

For total beginners, this class is perfect. It’s very low key and comfortable and provides the perfect hour of relaxation everyone needs on a Sunday. With easy stretches and a surprisingly beautiful view outside of Hearst Gym, this class is a must for all those who want to destress from their hectic weeks. You can also try Vinyasa Yoga (immediately before Yoga Stretch) if you want a slightly harder class.

Recommended instructor: Carl Babcock

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AUGUST 12, 2015