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Clog's thoughts on Outside Lands

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Jessica Pena


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AUGUST 10, 2015

This weekend, from Friday through Sunday, San Francisco hosted the seventh Outside Lands Festival. Along with musicians from all over the globe, the festival highlighted visual artists, comedians and local foods. With its sporadic weather, huge crowds and overpriced merchandise, Outside Lands is every old man’s worst nightmare, yet it’s every college student’s dream. Here are some thoughts we had while at the festival:

  1. Oh my goodness! Day One is already here — I can’t wait to listen to Mumford & Sons and Lake Street Dive … and, like, 15 other bands I’ve never heard of!
  2. There’s no one here! This is amazing! We have the whole field to ourselves!
  3. Ooooh, there’s a Choco Lands? Lemme hit that up.
  4. Wait … $10 for a chocolate milkshake? Never mind.
  5. That band on that field over there sounds good! I’m gonna go listen to them!
  6. Oh wait. That was the last song … bummer.
  7. Ugh, I actually am hungry now — I’ll go look at the food venues.
  8. IT’S CASH ONLY?! What century is it???
  9. OK, there’s an ATM. I’ll go use that. …. Oh, great — $5 surcharge.
  10. That burrito might have been way overpriced, but at least it was delicious.
  11. A band I like is playing!! This is amazing. They’re amazing. Outside Lands is amazing.
  12. My feet are really dirty.
  13. My feet are really tired.
  14. But it doesn’t matter — gonna keep on dancing!
  15. Tomorrow, I should definitely wear closed-toe shoes, though. Birks were a bad call.
  16. Everything was amazing. All the bands were so great. But I’m so ready to climb into bed.
  17. And sadly, no, you can’t fall asleep on the BART.
  18. It’s Day Two! Gonna be the best day ever!
  19. Holy hell. … How did this many people fit into this field?
  20. I want to see literally every band today!! How do I pick??? I guess I’ll just follow my group around aimlessly because choosing is hard.
  21. Everyone’s outfits are so hip and trendy. Am I cool enough to be here?
  22. Are those girls drinking sunscreen? Oh no, they just put vodka in a sunscreen bottle. Clever.
  23. I hope my screaming along to the lyrics isn’t bothering anyone.
  24. Tame Impala is so trippy.
  25. Should I eat before Kendrick, or should I just binge on snacks for dinner? No cash? Snacks it is.
  26. Kendrick is a super human.
  27. I really hope I don’t hit anyone in the face while waving my arms.
  28. Day Two was the best day ever, and I’m so tired, but it was still amazing.
  29. It’s Day Three! This also means it’s Sunday, which means I have homework, but who cares! Elton John!
  30. The BART keeps getting worse.
  31. It’s less crowded today. Thank goodness.
  32. Brought more snacks. Not about to spend any more money on food.
  33. So excited to chill out on my blanket today. It’s been a long weekend.
  34. Outside Lands, you were exhausting but amazing and oh so beautiful. Can’t wait for 2016.
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AUGUST 12, 2015