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GOP debate drinking game

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AUGUST 06, 2015

On Thursday, in a highly anticipated debate dually hosted by Fox News and Facebook, Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Chris Christie and John Kasich will be going head to head. Fox News determined these to be the top 10 GOP candidates through several polling measures. Even though neither of the Ricks made the top 10, we at the Clog are sure this is going to be an entertaining debate. To enhance the entertainment, we have come up with a debate drinking game. Let’s begin!


Take a sip of juice, boba, etc. (be creative!) when one of the candidates:

  • Takes a jab at Hillary Clinton
  • Spews President Barack Obama hate
  • Calls someone a socialist
  • Dodges a question about immigrants who are already here


Take a shot when one of the candidates:

  • Brings up Christianity and/or the Bible
  • Is uncomfortable with the idea of gay marriage
  • Refers to himself as “pro-life”
  • Says “Dems”
  • Is skeptical of global warming
  • Says “I’m not a scientist”
  • Says “no corporate taxes”


Finish your drink when one of the candidates:

  • Proposes building a wall between Mexico and the United States
  • Bashes Common Core
  • Mentions Benghazi
  • Talks about the dangers of recreational (or medicinal) marijuana usage


Have everyone pick one of the following candidates and take a shot when he talks about or does any of the items listed below his name:


Donald Trump:

  • How well he is polling with Mexican Americans
  • Interrupts someone
  • “Losers” or “winners” (bonus shot if he’s speaking in third person)


Jeb Bush:

  • Tries to distinguish himself from his brother
  • “Free trade” or “free market”
  • Mentions canceling any deals Obama makes with Iran


Scott Walker:

  • All the Wisconsin elections he’s won
  • Freedom or liberty
  • Unions


Mike Huckabee:

  • Iran nuclear deal
  • “Hitler” (or any other Holocaust reference)
  • States’ rights


Ben Carson:

  • Eliminating the IRS
  • Supporting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
  • Soothes you with his voice

Ted Cruz:

  • Liberal fascism
  • Freedom or liberty
  • Second Amendment (gun-owner rights)


Marco Rubio:

  • Cuba
  • Calls himself an “every man”
  • “New America,” “new century” or “new age”


Rand Paul:

  • Flat tax
  • National Security Agency/surveillance
  • Tries to seem less crazy than his dad


For everyone:

Chris Christie and John Kasich:

  • Take a sip of water when one of them says something even remotely moderate or rational.

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Image source: DonkeyHotey via Creative Commons

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AUGUST 05, 2015