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Bringing Berkeley home with you

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MAY 28, 2015

For those of you who aren’t staying in Berkeley for the summer and are wishing you had, we feel your pain. Sure, it’s nice to go home, sleep in your own bed, eat a home-cooked meal and see your old friends, but before too long, you get that Berkeley itch, complete with visions of lounging on Memorial Glade and hearing free concerts, courtesy of the Greek Theatre. The withdrawal symptoms might become so severe that they cause you to start missing things about Berkeley that you took for granted, such as the a capella groups that perform in front of Sather Gate — will they ever know how much we love them? Luckily, we at the Clog have come up with a few ways for you to bring a little Berkeley to your hometown.


1. Locate your neighborhood squirrels, talk to them, cuddle them, and shower them with attention. They probably won’t be as friendly as the ones in Berkeley, but you have to fill that Berkeley-shaped hole in your heart somehow.


2. Dress up in tie-dye from head to toe, bring along a boom box, and dance your heart out in middle of your town square. You could also bring a fishing pole, just like the man on Sproul Plaza whom we all love! Added bonus: guaranteed Snapchat fame.

sustainable farm.FANG

3. Go to your local grocery store, purchase every green vegetable in sight (kale is a must), throw them all in a blender, and drink your concoction from a Mason jar. Added bonus: doing so while informing your friends about the dangers of genetically modified organisms.

giphy (5)

4. Replace every other word with “hella” or “hecka,” because it pisses off anyone who’s not from the Bay Area. Fortunately for you, it’s the perfect way to channel your inner NorCal.


5. FaceTime all of your friends from UC Berkeley and discuss the four points listed above, because they understand your love for Berkeley better than anyone else.

Image sources: Don Shall, igotthemethdudesinsideme.tumblr.com and Clintus under Creative Commons

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MAY 27, 2015

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